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FUT 20 – Manager Career Press and Players Interaction System

time 10/02/2019

Career mode in FUT 20 is a complex activity. This year's career mode got a serious revamp. The development team aimed to add systems that would make the experience more relevant. The press and players interaction system is one of the new features. This is part of the manager career. The manager can talk to the press and with the players. The dialogue choices will impact what happens further.

The conversations take place before and after the matches. Before important games, the manager has the option to hold a press conference. You can also skip it but there's plenty to gain from it. During the conference, the manager will explain the objectives and the condition of the players who will react depending on what the manager says about them. They can get a morale boost that will impact their performance during the game. You have the option to criticize, motivate, praise, and so on but beware as not all players respond in the same way.

You could say that career mode has some story-driven features now. The developers took into consideration the experiences of players when creating these new features. You will notice that there are many variations that lead to lots of implications. Each decision branches into several options. During the press conferences, the manager will answer all sorts of questions. The after-match conferences will be about the result of the match, scored goals, thoughts on the opponent, next step, and so on.

You will notice cut-scenes that enhance the manager experience. Players conversations are private messages between the manager and the footballers. The interface looks like a messaging app. You will choose from different answers and see how the player's morale changes based on your selection. The morale of the players can go up and down and so will your rating.

What you should know at all times is that you cannot make everyone happy and you have to think of the team as a whole before anything else. The morale of the players is influenced by more factors including play time, salary, performance, and so on. The answers you give in press conferences count as well. Players with high morale get an attribute boost in the next game.

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