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More and more bugs in FUT 20

time 11/01/2019

EA Sports has not entered as well this year as on other occasions, at least as far as the user is concerned, since the FUT 20 community is very angry at the different errors that accompany the game. As we have said, we are talking only and exclusively about purely playable aspects, since FUT 20 has been a resounding success in sales, reaching 10 million players in just two weeks.

However, the FUT 20 community is tired of the different mistakes that the game has today. Without going into details of the purely technical, an aspect that has left anecdotes like the physical aspect of Ribery, the game seems to be removing different users from their boxes. Especially sounded has been the criticism byb well-known youtubers, who have strongly criticized the connection of FUT 20 in Spain, coming to ensure that the game "is unplayable."

Apparently, the connection works differently depending a lot on where we are. In countries such as Spain, Italy or Latin America, users have made severe criticisms of the operation of the game depending on the day, ensuring that they had to deal with a severe lag when they played during the weekend.

In addition, as noted by LexB11, criticism for handicap is also well known. As we can see in the tweet above, the Spanish youtuber had achieved nothing more and nothing less than a whopping 27 shots, of which 18 have gone to the door. There is no doubt that it is a very high figure so that the final result of the match was 1-3.

A large part of the FUT 20 community wonders how long it will take to eradicate a formula that only benefits the less skilled player, leaving statistics as disparate as previously seen, but with unfavorable results for players with the highest percentage of chances.

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