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FUT 20 vs FUT 19: Check the graphics comparison of EA games (Second Part)

time 01/01/2020

Hi everybody! We are back and we are going to continue with the second half of this FUT 20 VS FUT 19 match!

Realistic lawn
The lawn is brighter than ever, and you can see the impact of both athletes and the weather. Climate change, such as rain or snow, drastically alters the pace of matches. EA has taken special care that strollers and footprints in the rain wear down the pitch in the area where the move took place, which helps make matches more realistic.

Stadiums and uniforms
The character models have not undergone major changes. Remember that this generation is already coming to an end and the hardware power of consoles is already near the limit. Still, FUT 20 featured new celebrations characteristic of the world's top players, dozens of new facial expressions that can be enjoyed in the cut scenes between plays, such as athletes complaining about fouls or celebrating goals. Better lighting effects and more accurate facial scanning make it even easier to recognize athletes' faces compared to FUT 19.
The graphic quality of the stadiums is still fluctuating a lot, and the humbler and more generic arenas have not been as whimsical as the major stadiums in the world, which is natural considering the new game has 90 official stadiums in all. It is quite clear that the Bundesliga and Premier League stadiums were better sculpted, such as the beautiful Stamford Bridge and Emirates Stadium, but most of the time it is difficult to distinguish FUT 19 and FUT 20 in action.
There are slight differences in the character models present in the crowd, with more variations of uniforms worn by them and bands in the stands. At the edge of the field, the models of coaches, photographers, and work crews received a little more care and more fluid animation, a notable FUT 19 problem where the fieldside assistants were pretty rough. The game has not yet reached the optimal details, but there are clear signs of progress.


Overall, FUT 20 has maintained the franchise's rule of not making big leaps between its mid-generation annual releases, something that should only happen with the arrival of PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Scarlett. Still, without a doubt the new simulator is the most beautiful and detailed FUT ever released, and fans should be pleased with the small changes and occasional stonings in player models, physics systems and lighting.

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