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How to Improve Magicka Templar DPS in ESO

time 2016-01-09 12:00

We know magicka is one of the three major attributes in ESO. Magicka is consumed when you attacking or defending with magic. Every class can use magicka in skills and abilities. And it will effect destruction staff and restoration staff abilities. Magicka will help you increase damage and duration of your spells. This is an article to teach you how to improve magicka templar DPS in ESO.

My personal experience, i an playing a magicka templar DPS build in PVP of ESO. First, you need to make sure the damage of your buffed spell, and keep in mind, it is important to decide which way will you choose.Broke on burst damage or sacrifice a lot of damage for recovery. You need to stay inside the circle to get the recovery after patch 2.2. And after you leaving, you can remain active for 8 seconds.It may be the reliable recovery source. Although 5 piece Kagrenac’s offers only bring less 70 spell damage, more recovery and the crit from Julianos is valuable in PVP, so you shouldn’t apply crit damage to sorc wards. Besides that, choose the atronach with sustainability, so that you will get about 45-60 recovery lost for crit resistance. And you need 3-4 pieces of gear. Nightblades are the templar counter and it will striker you down. In addition, you need use nirnhoned on your swords, make it sharp enough until get nirnhoned. Remember you shouldn’t use precise if you are not a Nightblade ganker. Or you can try 3 piece arch mage (3 armor) with 5 piece Kagrenac's including 3 swords, 1 shield, 3 armor and 1 molag kena. You can get 230 magicka recovery although you may lose some worthless crit and 70 spell damage. Hope my experience can help you improve magicka templar DPS in ESO.

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