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World of Warcraft - Cathedral of Eternal Night Guide

time 2017-04-06 15:00

Cathedral of Eternal Night is one of the World of Warcraft Legion heroic dungeons. There is no normal version of this five man dungeon. Players unlock Cathedral of Eternal Night by completing a few story quests. The dungeon is important not just because of the loot but because it reveals a part of Legion's story. World of Warcraft players will obtain 845 item level loot when running Cathedral of Eternal Night on heroic mode. Mythic runs drop 865 and higher WOW item level gear. Four bosses must be defeated in order to clear the dungeon.
Agronox is the first boss. All players will be affected by a DOT that stacks and cannot be removed. Healers just have to focus on keeping party members alive. The DOT is somewhat of an enrage mechanic, the boss has to be killed before the DOT becomes too much as it can lead to a wipe. Adds that fixate players will spawn. Fixated players kite the add while the others damage and kill the add before it reaches its target. Tanks should use a cooldown for Timber Smash. The Choking Vines debuff is removed by moving away from it.
Thrashbite the Scornful is the second encounter. Players must move away when the boss casts Pulverizing Cudgel. They must also watch out for Heave Cudgel. Players that are fixated with the Scornful Gaze ability need to kite the boss towards a bookcase. When the boss crashes into the bookcase, he will be inactive for a bit.
Domatrax encounter comes next. All players need to step inside the Aegis when the boss casts Chaotic Energy. All adds take priority over the boss. The tank has to make sure to position the boss in such a way so his frontal cone attack doesn't harm the party members.
Mephistroth is the last boss in Cathedral of Eternal Night. This fight has two phases that keep repeating until the boss dies. During the first phase, players must spread so they don't take too much damage from Dark Solitude. In the second phase, the party deals with adds that try to stop Illidan from casting Expel Shadows. When he completes the cast, the boss reappears and the fight continues just like in phase one. At last, prepare cheap wow gold before you start the game, which will help you win easily.

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