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FUT 22: How to Unlock Joao Felix SBC

time 2022-04-22 11:38

FUT 22 introduces the Player of the Month (POTM) award, the winner of which receives a boosted card that can be unlocked through SBC. The winner has just been announced and it is an Atlético Madrid striker card that received the award this month. If you want to buy FUT Coins safe and fast, be sure to check out amazing offers on U7buy.


Many expected Aubameyang, who signed for Barcelona in January, to receive the March award, but Joao Felix stood out from the crowd. Atlético Madrid's title defense this season hasn't gone according to plan, but they're back on track and three wins in March created a narrow gap between them and other Champions League contenders. Joao Felix proved his vitality in March and if you had robbed him of three goals and an assist.


Joao Felix (OVR 87, Friday, 8 April to Saturday, 7 May)



Joao Felix

Atletico Madrid player: Min 1

TOTW player: Min 1  

Team Rating: Min 83

Team Chemistry: Min 70 

Reward: One POTM Joao Felix


The long-discussed FUT Captains Promo just came out in FUT 22 and now features Team 1. The new Promo Squad not only features new FUT hero variants, but modern Captains as well.


FUT Hero cards that incredibly boosted have been released. Premier League stars like Hugo Lloris have got boosted dramatically as well.


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