GW2 Choosing a Profession time 01/05/2017

So you want to know which GW 2 profession is the best for you? Well ask yourself this, which type of badass do you prefer to play in an MMORPG? Want to be the bullet sponge or the fast slicing dude? Believe it or not, there is no really ...

GW 2 Which Class Should You Play time 12/28/2016

Whilst the class you play should be your own personal choice, you can’t really deny that there are some that are simply better than others no matter what you want to play as. In many games this is true and so it is in GW2 (sorry for the ...

Elder Scroll Online tips for the absolute beginners time 12/27/2016

Are you tired of being lost in this huge expansive world because you don’t know what to do? Tiered of Imperial scum telling you what to do and where to go? Well can’t help with the last one but I can surely show you a bunch of tips that ...

Buy cheap GW2 gold at U7Buy time 11/11/2016

Just like in any MMO, gold is needed to be the uber-swaglord, one shotting your enemies left and right. The problem with gold is that you have to grind it. Most MMO games fall into a loop of exploring and then grinding. Games that require...

World of Warcraft: New Player’s Guide time 11/09/2016

Always wanted to play World of Warcraft but didn’t know where to start? Great. This short guide will give you all the details you need to embark on an epic adventure in Azeroth and beyond! Beginning a World of Warcraft Journey So yo...

Best Classes for Duet in Tree of Savior time 08/07/2016

In fact, for all MMO players, they all want to have the most fun and they always try to find the best class. In this article, I will give some different thought about the best classes for duet in tree of savior.  The first thing y...

My Personal Thoughts on Riders of Icarus time 08/01/2016

Riders of icarus is a MMO game released by Nexon Entertainment. The main task for this game is taming the beasts. You can catch, tame and collect them as a pet. The biggest feature for riders of icarus is that you can take your partner &n...

The Keywords of Football 2016 – Tears(V) time 07/29/2016

There are two important matches in this summer, the Euro 2016 and the America cup. There are many superstars to participate into the games, the Messi is one of these. Some superstars are get the champions, but Messi is the opposite one,he...

Riders of Icarus Guide for Crafting and Gathering(II) time 07/31/2016

If you quickly have a look and you see pretty much every single thing in all of the crafting things. All of the crafting professions which I am going to talk about in a second and pretty much. All of these will contain some gathering item...

Introduction for Combat in Riders of Icarus time 07/27/2016

In riders of icarus, find an enemy, click on them, then mash your ability buttons until they’re vanquished it is combat. This is a familiar progression for a mmo fan. In this article, I will give out a full introduction.  There is...

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