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The 10 most popular FUT 20 players time 12/10/2019

FUT 20 is still very popular and with almost three months since the launch of the game we can already have a good measure of the most popular FUT footballers. That is, those that players use more regularly and have given the best results. 10- Marc...

The Division Guide for Leveling up an Alt time 05/18/2016

In the division, level up an alt is fun everywhere we go there something to do, especially, when you feel bored on running dailies. And in this article, i will give a guide.  There are actually two alt, and it will be 3 if you c...

How to Improve Magicka Templar DPS in ESO time 01/09/2016

We know magicka is one of the three major attributes in ESO. Magicka is consumed when you attacking or defending with magic. Every class can use magicka in skills and abilities. And it will effect destruction staff and restoration staff a...

How to Use Pace in FUT 16 time 10/27/2015

No matter in real football or FUT 16, pace is important, A game without any pace is boring, just like the ball aka possession game.A player can easier pass the ball,outpace defenders even score with great pace, we know that everything can b...

FUT 17 Player Rating: Top 10 Defensive Players time 09/19/2016

FUT 17 is coming, just like the previous version of FUT, you should choose proper players and build the best formation in FUT 17. To challenge the top players, you may need some FUT 17 coins. U7buy is a reliable website to provide the che...

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