Terms of Service - U7BUY

Last modified: 2024-03-08

The platform is owned and operated by Bounty Hunter Technology Co., Limited (located at MAXGRAND PLAZA 19H MAXGRAND PLAZA NO.3 TAI YAU STREET SAN PO KONG KL HONGKONG, from now on referred to as "the Company," "U7BUY," or "U7BUY.com" interchangeably), and services provided to you under the following conditions. Continued use of the platform constitutes affirmative agreement to these service terms.

The Company reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices for providing its website and services, including but not limited to fees generated from using the Company's website and services. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these and any additional service terms.

1. Overview

1.1 This agreement applies but is not limited to:
(a) The provision of U7BUY services (defined below);
(b) Your use of the platform (defined below).

1.2 This service is only applicable and can only be used by:
(a) Each user who assumes contractual obligations must be at least 18 years old or have reached the legal age according to the laws of their country. Users should also have enough legal capacity to act;
(b) Individuals under 18 or who have not reached the age required for contractual obligations under the laws of their country should be considered to have obtained approval from their legal guardian or parent for all transactions under this agreement. The aforementioned legal guardian or parent shall be responsible for all activities of the individual under this agreement.

2. Definitions and Interpretations

In this agreement, unless otherwise indicated by the context, the following terms mean:

Account refers to the account that allows you to use the services provided by the platform and benefit from them;
Business Account refers to an account that accommodates larger teams or enterprises, allowing them to share payments, track orders and progress, and consolidate feedback
User refers to anyone registered on the platform;
Buyer refers to a user who enters into a transaction by purchasing any goods and services;
Goods and Services refer to digital content and services displayed, listed, and offered for sale by sellers through the platform or on the platform.
Information refers to any information, details, content, dimensions, data, maps, locations, photos, text, descriptions, specifications, audio or video clips, graphics and so on;
Sales Contract refers to the sales agreement between the buyer and seller for goods and services concluded through the platform;
Seller refers to a user who registers on U7BUY and offers any goods and services for sale through the platform or on the platform;
U7BUY Services refer to the services and features provided or offered by U7BUY from time to time through the platform, including but not limited to facilitating the conclusion of sales contracts between sellers and buyers;
Privacy Policy refers to the personal data processing policy published by U7BUY on the platform;
Platform refers to the online venue (website, mobile website, or mobile application) developed and operated by U7BUY;
You/your refers to all platform users, including but not limited to sellers and buyers.

3. Application and Acceptance of Service Terms

3.1 To use this platform, you acknowledge and voluntarily accept the entire service terms.
The use of services and access to the platform must comply with the terms included herein, including privacy rules and any other terms related to the use and operation of the platform that U7BUY may publish from time to time. Using the platform or services means you voluntarily accept the binding of these terms.
The above terms are the provisions made by U7BUY in managing the platform for the contractual relationship between U7BUY and users and do not apply to the relationships between users.

3.2 U7BUY reserves the right to make any changes and modifications to the service terms, including introducing new terms and deleting previous terms, for the following reasons:
(a) Changes in the scope of economic activities carried out;
(b) Updates to applicable laws that affect the adjustment of these service terms, including case law from general courts or new resolutions, decisions, recommendations, or other regulations issued by authorities with binding power;
(c) To ensure the normal operation of the platform;
(d) To showcase new products, and services, or highlight new product categories posted by sellers;
(e) Changes in product functionality, services, or service delivery methods due to technical upgrades;
(f) To improve the security of users using the platform and conducting transactions;
(g) Changes in the fees and commission amounts charged by U7BUY due to economic factors;
(h) To prevent crime;
(i) Other reasons not listed but U7BUY has the right to adjust according to the situation.

3.3 The revised service terms will take effect for users 14 (fourteen) days after being announced on the platform. New users will be immediately bound by the version published on the platform at registration. If a user does not agree with the modified service terms, they should immediately stop using the platform.

3.4 Our rules are standard in English. If there's a discrepancy between the English version and any translation, the English version takes precedence, Unless otherwise specified or due to obvious inconsistencies caused by different legal requirements in specific jurisdictions.

3.5 Users and sellers communicate through electronic means. U7BUY sends notifications to users through email, posting information on the platform, or other communication channels within the service. To fulfill the purpose of the contract, users agree to receive electronic communications and acknowledge that all agreements, notifications, disclosures, and other communications provided by U7BUY in electronic form meet the legal requirements for written communications unless otherwise specified by law.

4. Accounts

4.1 If you wish to use the services provided by U7BUY through the platform, you should first create an account on U7BUY according to the registration process. After successful registration, you can log in to your account to access and use the services. U7BUY has the right to conduct background checks on you and to decide at its discretion whether to grant you access to the platform or the right to use related services. During the registration process, you may be required to provide additional verification information.

4.2 You are fully responsible for and must always ensure the confidentiality and security of your account's username and password. You should immediately inform U7BUY of any unauthorized access to your account. Any instructions, notifications, or confirmations received from your account are considered to have been issued by you, even if such notifications or confirmations may have been sent by a third party (whether authorized or not), and such instructions, notifications, or confirmations bind you. U7BUY is not responsible for taking action on instructions, notifications, or confirmations sent from your account. U7BUY has no obligation to investigate the authenticity or authority of the person who sent/executed the instructions, notifications, or confirmations, or to verify the completeness of such instructions, notifications, or confirmations.

4.3 You should closely monitor all activities and transactions conducted through your account and should take all steps and measures to check and verify the transaction history of your account. You should immediately notify U7BUY when the following occurs:
(a) Any abnormal activities or transactions related to your account, or any activities or transactions not accurately recorded in your account;
(b) Any incomplete, garbled, or inaccurate data or information received from U7BUY;
(c) After receiving any data or information that does not belong to you, you must not use or disclose such data or information unless you have obtained written consent from U7BUY;
(d) Any other behavior that you believe is detrimental to your account and the interests of the U7BUY platform.

4.4 Without the explicit consent of U7BUY, each user can only have one account, and users are not allowed to create any accounts on behalf of others or impersonate others. If U7BUY discovers such fraudulent accounts, it has the right to immediately suspend the account and reserves the right to take further remedial measures, including but not limited to notifying the relevant authorities. U7BUY will not bear any responsibility for this.

4.5 You acknowledge and agree that you have a limited and revocable license to all goods in your account, and U7BUY has the right to restrict and revoke the above license at any time without prior notice. You agree to our collection and use of your personal information according to U7BUY's privacy policy.

4.6 (a) The goods provided on this platform and the goods purchased by the user's account cannot be exchanged for legal currency.
(b) The purpose of setting up a user account is to facilitate shopping and transactions within the platform, and it does not provide savings, investment, or financial functions related to interest.
(c) The primary purpose of users purchasing products is to obtain the goods and services provided on the platform. These products should not be considered as having investment attributes, nor should they expect any future economic returns. These items cannot be exchanged for real cash.

4.7 Without prior written permission, you may not transfer or assign your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions, including but not limited to selling, transferring, or disposing of items in any other way, whether or not the items are within the platform (or any platform).

5. Service Fees

5.1 Unless otherwise specified, U7BUY will charge a commission and other possible fees based on the price of each transaction determined by the seller. During the creation and auction process, all information related to the commission and other fees associated with listing specific auctions on the platform will be provided to the seller.

5.2 Users can use the platform, create accounts, and purchase digital content through the platform without charge. U7BUY's commission is collected from the sale price of digital content specified by the seller. Users may need to pay for additional services they sign up for through the platform.
Free Use and Commissions:
(a) There is no charge for users to use the platform, create accounts, and obtain digital content;
(b) U7BUY's commission comes from the sale price of digital content specified by the seller.

5.3 Additional Services and Fees: Users may incur fees for additional services they sign up for through the platform.

5.4 Responsibility for Fees and Taxes:
(a) Users and sellers are on their own when paying any fees and taxes related to using our services;
(b) They're also responsible for any taxes, fees, or other obligations with contracts made through our platform.

5.5 U7BUY is not responsible for settlement fees: U7BUY doesn't handle any tax, fee, or unpaid issues between users or sellers.

5.6 Payment Issues: For payment failures and overdue invoices, U7BUY reserves the right to use alternative payment methods, including any additional fees resulting from such alternative payments.

6. General Use of the Platform

6.1 The U7BUY platform is designed to provide a safe space for gaming enthusiasts to connect and purchase various gaming-related content, which is provided by users participating in the platform.
The platform is not an online store but an online venue where all transactions are conducted between users, and unless otherwise specified, the platform does not engage in the sale or purchase of digital content.

6.2 Given your agreement to the service terms in this agreement, U7BUY grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access and use the platform and U7BUY services to fulfill this agreement. Apart from this, you shall not use U7BUY's platform and services for any commercial purpose.

6.3 Unless otherwise provided in this agreement or with the prior written consent of U7BUY, you shall not, on your own or allow any third party to:
(a) Copy, distribute, recreate, or disseminate the U7BUY platform and services, unless such actions are necessary for the normal use of the U7BUY platform and services, or other security reasons such as agreement purposes, backups, etc.;
(b) Rent, lease, sublicense, lend, translate, merge, adapt, modify, or alter the U7BUY platform and services;
(c) Combine the U7BUY platform and services with other programs;
(d) Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the U7BUY platform and services;
(e) Provide the underlying software of the U7BUY platform (including object and source code) to others in any way;
(f) Use the platform to engage in fraudulent or other malicious activities;
(g) Use the U7BUY platform, services, and systems to collect, obtain information, or attempt to decrypt the transmission between platform servers;
(h) Access any data or information that is not suitable for you, including but not limited to logging into servers or accounts that you are not authorized to access;
(i) Use any device, software, or routine to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the platform, transmit or distribute malicious code, viruses, or harmful data to the platform and operating system;
(j) Abuse, misuse, or invade the U7BUY platform and services in any way, or otherwise damage the integrity of U7BUY's software and systems;
(k) Send, promote, or publish any unsolicited advertising and promotional content through or on the U7BUY platform and services;
(l) Use the U7BUY platform and services in a manner that may: (i) damage, disable, overload, harm, or endanger U7BUY's systems, software, and/or security; (ii) interfere with other users' use.

6.4 Sellers have no right to access all data available on U7BUY. Sellers can only access data related to their activities in their seller stores for free.
U7BUY does not provide a service to purchase sales statistics on the platform but will save general sales statistics after the contract terminates. Each seller can collect their own sales statistics and maintain them according to applicable laws. U7BUY has detailed rules for sellers' personal data access, storage duration, and deletion in its privacy and cookie policies.

6.5 It is strictly forbidden for sellers to sell any digital content on the platform that infringes on laws, third-party rights (including intellectual property rights), or the terms of this service.

7. Product Transactions and the role of U7BUY

7.1 All transactions conducted through the platform are strictly between the buyer and the seller. U7BUY, as a third-party transaction platform, strives to provide users with a secure and convenient trading environment. Unless otherwise specified, U7BUY does not participate in the sale or purchase of digital content and is excluded.

U7BUY makes no representations or warranties regarding the goods or services and is not responsible for any costs, losses, damages, claims, fines, liabilities, or other related costs you may incur in the sales contract, including but not limited to situations caused by the negligence, delay, malfunction, error, and breach of contract by the relevant seller or buyer. Buyers agree and acknowledge that game companies may modify their game accounts and digital content purchased through the platform. In such cases, U7BUY will not bear any responsibility.

To avoid ambiguity, all goods and services are provided by third-party sellers, and U7BUY is merely a facilitator of such goods and services. Therefore, U7BUY cannot control the quality, safety, morality, or legality of the listed items, or the authenticity or accuracy of the listed items. U7BUY has no obligation to pre-screen users. U7BUY cannot guarantee that buyers or sellers have completed the transaction.

7.2 In addition to the above provisions, you must also comply with the following service terms, which also apply to sales contracts:

(a) Unless U7BUY gives written consent, you shall not modify or cancel any sales contract formed through the platform. Otherwise, you shall fully compensate U7BUY for all losses, costs, damages, charges, and expenses (including lost profits) suffered due to such modification or cancellation;
(b) You must fulfill all obligations related to the sales contract with due diligence and ability;
(c) You shall comply with any instructions, guidelines, and policies related to the sales contract published or provided by U7BUY from time to time.

7.3 Due to the special nature of digital content transactions in terms of possession, ownership, use, and delivery, there are inevitable risks in digital content transactions. Therefore, both buyers and sellers should have a full understanding of the transaction risks in advance and confirm that they can voluntarily bear these risks, including but not limited to:

(a) Completion of delivery, inability to use after delivery, account, malicious claims by the seller, account password leakage or theft, etc.;
(b) Ensuring that both parties to the transaction are fully capable of fulfilling any sales contract signed on the platform;
(c) Confirming the ownership, authenticity, quality, quantity, and other rights attributes and natural attributes of the digital content.

7.4 If you have any conflicts, disputes, or issues with other users or third parties regarding the sales contract:

(a) We encourage you to contact the user or third party to resolve such conflicts, disputes, or issues as fairly and amicably as possible. U7BUY will make reasonable commercial efforts to facilitate;
(b) U7BUY will coordinate and handle disputes according to the rules published on the platform. The outcome may resolve the dispute, or it may not be resolved and may need to resort to legal proceedings. In any case, the final responsibility lies with you. U7BUY may or may not intervene or participate in resolving disputes or issues between users. U7BUY will make decisions in good faith and independently based on its dispute resolution process. For any responsibilities and consequences arising from digital content transactions, users bear the responsibility, and U7BUY and its owners can provide necessary assistance according to law, but do not bear any final responsibility or consequences;
(c) Users can seek relief from the court in their local jurisdiction;
(d) U7BUY has the right to withhold any payments made by the buyer for the relevant goods and services until a friendly and binding solution is reached;
(e) To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to indemnify and hold U7BUY (and U7BUY's management, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and employees) harmless from any damages, claims, or liabilities arising from disputes with one or more users or third parties and in any other way. These damages, claims, or liabilities include: (i) known and unknown; (ii) suspected and unsuspected; (iii) disclosed and undisclosed; (iv) other types and natures not listed.

8. Payments

8.1 Payment Processing
(a) When you provide payment information to U7BUY or one of its payment processors, you declare and guarantee that you are an authorized user of such information, including but not limited to accounts, credit cards, PINs, keys, or related information. You authorize U7BUY and the payment processor to charge you for any purchases, subscriptions, or other fees you incur.
(b) U7BUY may, at its discretion, check and verify (i) detailed information related to the listings for sale on the Marketplace, (ii) the buyers of the Marketplace listings, and (iii) the sellers of the Marketplace listings. As part of the verification process, U7BUY may require users to provide additional identity information before or during a transaction, including but not limited to a copy of a valid driver's license (or other forms of government-issued identification). Users may also be required to perform additional security procedures and share additional information to confirm their identity. U7BUY has the right to refuse any transaction that may pose a financial risk, including (i) fraudulent, invalid, counterfeit, or stolen goods, (ii) unauthorized or illegal sources, (iii) rights related to any goods, or (iv) other ways.
(c) You agree and acknowledge that the payment processing service is provided by a third party ("Payment Processor"). As a condition of sale, you agree to provide U7BUY with accurate and complete information about you and your business (if applicable) and authorize U7BUY to share your information with the Payment Processor in accordance with the payment services agreement, including but not limited to transaction information related to you.

8.2 Buyer Payments
Buyers pay the sales contract amount through the payment channels provided by the platform and should comply with the service terms that the corresponding payment service provider may require.
U7BUY has the right to refuse the buyer's return request for goods that have been delivered (such as game keys).

8.3 Payments to Sellers
(a) After successfully delivering the purchased goods and services and submitting the proof of successful delivery required by U7BUY, U7BUY will deposit the relevant sales contract amount into the seller's account through the payment method chosen by the seller, provided that U7BUY has not received any complaints or dispute notifications from the buyer, and the buyer has successfully received the relevant goods and services.
(b) U7BUY has the right to withhold the contract amount for a period determined by this agreement (including but not limited to related policies).
(c) Any payments made by U7BUY to sellers shall be in accordance with the time frame and deadline determined by U7BUY but may be subject to changes or modifications at U7BUY's discretion.
(d) You have no right to offset any amounts owed by U7BUY against any claims or amounts you owe.
(e) If U7BUY has reason to suspect that you are engaged in any fraudulent or similar activities, U7BUY has the right to cancel any payment requests you make.

9. Seller's Obligations

9.1 By accepting these service terms and selling any content on the platform, each seller guarantees and acknowledges:
(a) Having full capacity and ability to accept any relevant documents, grant licenses, and authorizations, and assume the obligations stated in this document;
(b) The digital content being sold is legally sourced, free from any defects and third-party claims, and the seller has unrestricted rights to use, distribute, publish, sell, and offer for sale through the internet and online systems;
(c) Owning the intellectual property rights of the items submitted, displayed, and published;
(d) Committing to use the platform and services by this service agreement, applicable laws, and good practices;
(e) Not infringing on any third-party rights, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, privacy rights, portrait rights, or any other ownership or intellectual property rights;
(f) Not engaging in any activities that may harm the U7BUY brand or negatively impact the platform or goods sold through the platform;
(g) Not using the platform for any activities related to money laundering or increasing the platform's risk of being accused of money laundering;
(h) Not reselling goods obtained for free, or goods related to charitable activities or supporting such activities;
(i) Not using VPN unless otherwise explicitly agreed;
(j) Not displaying or selling items on the platform that contain or may be used to receive illegal content and services.

9.2 In addition, each seller declares, guarantees, and acknowledges that the content they submit, display, and publish for sale:
(a) Is true, appropriate, complete, and legal;
(b) Is not false, deceptive, or unreliable;
(c) Does not contain slanderous, threatening, harassing, obscene, controversial, offensive, explicit, or discriminatory information against any minority group;
(d) Does not contain discriminatory information or promote discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
(e) Does not violate password policies, regulations, or any other relevant additional arrangements;
(f) Does not violate any applicable laws or regulations (including but not limited to those related to export control, consumer rights protection, unfair competition, intellectual property, or fraudulent advertising) or promote any behavior that may infringe or violate any applicable laws or regulations;
(g) Does not directly or indirectly link to any website that may contain content in violation of regulations.

9.3 Each seller declares, guarantees, and acknowledges that they:
(a) Will take all actions by applicable laws and regulations when accessing the platform;
(b) Will treat other platform users sincerely;
(c) Will take all actions by the regulations, other documents, and applicable additional arrangements;
(d) Will not use the platform, other websites, or misuse others' information to fence stolen goods (e.g., selling stolen property, using stolen credit/debit cards);
(e) Will not impersonate someone else, distort their details or relationships with others;
(f) Will not engage in spam or phishing (deceiving others to obtain information);
(g) Will not engage in any other illegal activities (crime, infringement, etc.), encourage or persuade others to commit illegal acts;
(h) Will not engage in any copying, using, or stealing of U7BUY's legally reserved address directories, databases, and password lists;
(i) Will not use any computer viruses or other destructive devices or codes to destroy, tamper with, intercept, or steal any software, hardware, data, or personal information;
(j) Will not attempt to damage, disable, overload, harm, or endanger the integrity of U7BUY and any other platform user's data, systems, or networks and will not access such data, systems, or networks without authorization;
(k) Will not engage in any activities that may cause U7BUY and U7BUY's partners to bear responsibility.

10. Consumer Protection

10.1 Under consumer protection regulations, if the price of a product increases, the buyer has the right to:
(a) request an exchange if the purchased product has any defects or is different from the description;
(b) request a refund if it cannot be exchanged.

10.2 Consumer protection applies to each product, and the price of participating in this program must be listed on the product payment page.

10.3 If a buyer needs an exchange or refund, they should contact U7BUY through the platform's support department.

10.4 If a user complains about the purchased digital content according to the provisions of section 7.4 (b), U7BUY will only provide necessary assistance according to law to facilitate communication between the disputing parties and is not responsible for the final outcome. U7BUY will usually respond to the user within 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the complaint, and the funds will be refunded within 7 days after the complaint is positively verified.

10.5 Buyers who violate the service terms, engage in fraud, or abuse consumer protection will not be entitled to any benefits under this program. For buyers who abuse consumer protection, U7BUY reserves the right to revoke any refunds already paid.

10.6 Refunds for sales prices under consumer protection will be credited to the buyer's account balance or refunded in the original payment method. The balance will be equal to the net sales price paid by the buyer. The balance can be used to purchase products on the platform but cannot be withdrawn, transferred to a bank account, or exchanged for other currencies.

10.7 Consumer protection is fully effective for buyers when purchasing products.

11. Prohibitions

11.1 If a user violates any of the terms of this agreement, or U7BUY reasonably believes that a user has violated the above terms, U7BUY has the right to penalize, suspend, delete the user's account, or stop providing any services to the user, without assuming any responsibility.

11.2 The following situations will be considered as violations of the terms seriously:
(a) Upon notification or complaint from the buyer, U7BUY has reason to believe that the seller has not fulfilled the contract, including but not limited to the seller not delivering the goods after receiving payment or the delivered content not matching the contract agreement;
(b) U7BUY has reason to suspect that the user has used stolen credit cards or other false information when signing a contract with a partner;
(c) U7BUY has reason to suspect that the user has provided invalid, incomplete, untrue, inappropriate, or misleading information;
(d) U7BUY suspects the user's actions may cause property or equivalent losses to U7BUY, its partners, and other users.

11.3 U7BUY has the right to take the following measures against the violating user:
(a) Delete any content posted, published, or displayed by the user on the platform;
(b) Limit the number of contents that the user can post or display;
(c) Refuse to provide all services on the platform to the user for a certain period;
(d) In cases of violations by the user seriously, U7BUY reserves the right to reclaim the user's digital property (i.e., software activation keys, and games).

11.4 U7BUY reserves the right to fully cooperate with authorities, private detectives, or third parties for criminal or civil investigations. If U7BUY is required to disclose the user's identity and contact information in connection with authorities, law enforcement agencies, judicial injunctions, or other situations, and such disclosure would cause damage to third parties, U7BUY is not responsible. Users agree not to take legal action or make claims against U7BUY.

11.5 If the user's violation involves unfair or illegal activities, U7BUY reserves the right to disclose to partners, who may restrict or suspend services and publish violation information on their websites.

11.6 Each user agrees to compensate and indemnify U7BUY, U7BUY partners, management, personnel, agents, and representatives against any losses, damages, claims, or liabilities arising from your posting content, using the platform, or violating the terms (including the requirement for the full compensation for legal fees incurred).

11.7 U7BUY has absolute control and defense rights over platform-related situations. Each user recognizes that U7BUY is not responsible or obligated for any user content (including illegal, false, misleading, inappropriate, defamatory, aggressive, or prohibited content) presented on the platform. The risks caused by such content are borne solely by the user.

12. Confidentiality

12.1 Confidential information should include but is not limited to technical information, data, proprietary technology, information related to the business of the disclosing party or its affiliates, trade secrets, revenue or income information, marketing strategies, financial status, and operational conditions, and any other information that the disclosing party or its suppliers/affiliates have by nature and are proprietary and confidential.

12.2 "Confidential Information" should not include the following information: (i) information that the receiving party already has without any confidentiality obligation at the time of disclosure, and the party can prove through reasonable, sufficient, and credible evidence that it had information before; (ii) information independently developed by the receiving party; (iii) information already publicly available, unless due to the receiving party's or its representative's breach of this agreement; (iv) information provided to the receiving party in a non-confidential manner from a source other than the disclosing party or its representative; provided that the receiving party does not know the source and is subject to confidentiality agreements or other legal constraints of the disclosing party.

12.3 Unless otherwise specified in this agreement, the receiving party of confidential information agrees not to disclose such confidential information to anyone, unless (i) required by law or any stock exchange or a court with jurisdiction; (ii) allowed by this agreement; (iii) required by their respective representatives and legal, financial, and accounting advisors; and (iv) with the prior written approval of the disclosing party.

12.4 If, due to any applicable law or the provisions of any stock exchange or securities trading system, or a court with jurisdiction, it is necessary to disclose any confidential information of U7BUY in any way, you should provide a written notice to U7BUY in time to allow U7BUY to seek a protective order or other appropriate remedies before any such disclosure. You should: (i) disclose only the minimum amount of information required by law, and upon U7BUY's request, take commercially reasonable efforts to treat the U7BUY confidential information to be disclosed confidentially, and allow U7BUY (if willing) to take any measures it deems necessary or appropriate to challenge any such disclosure or otherwise edit or minimize such disclosure; (ii) cooperate fully with U7BUY.

12.5 All confidential information is used solely to fulfill this agreement.

12.6 Regardless of the provisions of this agreement, U7BUY has the right to disclose your information to relevant users or U7BUY's service providers to provide services to you. To fulfill the transaction purpose, you unconditionally and irrevocably grant U7BUY the right to forward your contact information to the relevant users.

12.7 This clause remains effective regardless of the termination or expiration of this agreement for any reason.

13. Intellectual Property

13.1 All existing intellectual property rights of U7BUY, its contractors, partners, service providers, suppliers, or licensors are their respective properties. Nothing in this agreement transfers such intellectual property rights to you.

13.2 All intellectual property created and developed by U7BUY (its suppliers, contractors, partners, and licensors) according to this agreement is owned by U7BUY.

13.3 When using the platform and U7BUY services, you shall not engage in any activities that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of U7BUY or third parties.

13.4 Any intellectual property rights involving U7BUY provided in the property and information are limited to the purposes and scope specified in this agreement. This clause remains effective even after the termination of this agreement.

14. Warranty and Liability

14.1 U7BUY guarantees to provide U7BUY services with reasonable care and skill.

14.2 The information you obtain from the U7BUY platform or services may be provided by third parties (including but not limited to sellers and other users of the platform).
Although U7BUY will make every effort to ensure that such information is conveyed to you in the original form provided by the third party, U7BUY does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, originality, timeliness, or correctness of the information.

14.3 For the use of the platform and U7BUY services, U7BUY does not guarantee:
(a) That the functions included in the platform and U7BUY services will meet your requirements;
(b) That the operation of the platform and U7BUY services will be uninterrupted or error-free;
(c) That any defects in the platform and U7BUY services will be corrected;
(d) That the platform is free from viruses, errors, online interruptions, or other harmful threats. Before accessing the platform, you should implement all necessary security and virus protection measures on your computer or mobile device.

14.4 You understand, acknowledge, and agree that:
(a) Any opinions or advice provided by U7BUY, its employees, or agents are general in nature and may not represent the true application, quality, or functionality of a specific service. Therefore, you agree to follow or execute any opinions or advice provided by U7BUY, its employees, or agents at your own risk, and U7BUY is not responsible for any such opinions or advice;
(b) All transactions on the platform are conducted through telecommunications and data networks. Therefore, the receipt of notifications from U7BUY (and vice versa) may be delayed or prevented due to factors affecting the relevant service providers and other related parties. You accept that U7BUY cannot guarantee the timely delivery of such notifications or confirmations;
(c) Due to maintenance, updates, upgrades, or other reasons beyond U7BUY's control, the platform or U7BUY services may not be available. U7BUY does not guarantee that the platform and U7BUY services will always be available and does not bear any responsibility or obligation for such unavailability.

14.5 To the extent permitted by law, U7BUY is not responsible for the following situations:
(a) Any losses caused by reasons beyond U7BUY's control that prevent users from accessing, using the platform, or being unable to use the platform;
(b) Any damages related to viruses or Trojan horses. These viruses or Trojan horses may be transmitted to the platform or through the platform by third parties, but U7BUY must take immediate action to eliminate any threats related to such viruses;
(c) Any impacts and losses caused by users, especially when users provide their passwords to third parties, resulting in any unauthorized access to any access data or private information;
(d) Any actions taken by U7BUY against users for violating current laws or service terms, especially account blocking or stopping access to the platform, restricting the use of specific services or functions within the platform, etc.;
(e) Users infringing current laws or any third-party rights, especially sellers causing any damage to third parties due to infringement of copyrights, industrial property rights, etc., particularly actions related to the transmission, distribution, publication, provision, display of data that users do not own the copyright or any other necessary ownership rights;
(f) Any actions by users that violate this service agreement, submit false data, or submit false or untrue declarations and guarantees mentioned in this service agreement and their results;
(g) Any actions by users to collect or process personal data in violation of current laws, especially transferring other users' data to unauthorized personnel;
(h) Any claims related to any harm, damage, compensation, and non-monetary losses between one user and another (U7BUY is excluded from any disputes between users);
(i) Any harm, damage, claims, compensation, non-monetary losses, physical and legal defects caused by the products and services sold by sellers through the seller's store - U7BUY is not a party to such legal relationships, so it does not bear any responsibility in this scope.

14.6 U7BUY does not specifically bear any responsibility for any third party:
(a) U7BUY is not responsible for the content on third-party websites. If you believe that any content on the U7BUY platform infringes your copyright, please contact the relevant third-party website directly and ask them to remove your content. You can send them a copyright infringement notice requesting the removal of your content from the internet. We will actively cooperate with you and the relevant third-party website to resolve any copyright disputes.
(b) U7BUY is not responsible for any third party, especially about sellers not fulfilling or improperly fulfilling their agreements with users (or other sellers), any illegal actions by sellers, any violations of current laws by sellers, or any false information, guarantees, or declarations submitted by sellers.
If a third party makes any claims, complaints, petitions, or assertions related to the seller's behavior specified in section 14.5, in such cases, the seller is obligated to bear all responsibility for these entities, which means the seller should bear all costs related to this that U7BUY bears or U7BUY will be forced to bear in any form of commitment (including legal advice). These costs include legal consultation fees, damages, fines, penalties, notification fees, fees related to personally appearing in court or before any authority and public administration, communication fees, and any other possible costs.
In addition, if a third party makes any claims against U7BUY for any illegal actions (especially copyright infringement) by the seller, the seller should replace U7BUY or be the third-party respondent in such litigation. Therefore, section 14.6 applies to sales users within the scope that does not violate consumer rights.

14.7 Furthermore, U7BUY does not guarantee that any seller or buyer can reach an agreement through the seller's store, especially that the agreement will be fulfilled. U7BUY is not responsible to users for any non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of this agreement, and U7BUY is not responsible for products and services sold through the seller's store to users, including their use, quality, legality, legal and physical defects, etc.

14.8 If any intermediary institution charges U7BUY any adjustment fees due to the seller's actions or inactions in the seller's store, including due to the digital products or services listed in the seller's store violating the intermediary institution's plan rules, the seller should reimburse such adjustment fees. Sellers or sales users hereby agree that all adjustments related to the seller's or sales user's intentional or negligent actions or inactions assessed by any intermediary institution (whether the seller, sales user, or U7BUY) should be borne by the seller, and U7BUY has the right to charge the seller or sales user for the fees.

14.9 Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, U7BUY has the right to decide to offset any amounts accumulated in the seller's U7BUY balance from the seller's funds.

14.10 Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, sellers promise to be responsible for the products they sell within a certain period. After the period expires, users will not be able to make claims against the seller through the platform, but this does not exclude the user's right to bring disputes with the seller outside the platform.

15. Termination

15.1 Without prejudice to any other rights U7BUY may have under this agreement or by law, U7BUY may immediately terminate this agreement by written notice in the following circumstances:
(a) You have violated the terms of this agreement, and you have not corrected such violation within thirty (30) days after receiving written notice from U7BUY;
(b) You pass a resolution for liquidation, become or are likely to become, or are subject to any form of bankruptcy administration, including but not limited to bankruptcy proceedings, a receivership order issued against you, or you have reached any arrangement or agreement with creditors.

15.2 Without prejudice to any other rights and remedies U7BUY may have under this agreement or by legal, upon U7BUY's termination notice:
(a) All rights granted to you under this agreement shall terminate;
(b) You shall immediately cease all activities authorized under this agreement;
(c) You shall immediately destroy or, at U7BUY's request, return all U7BUY's confidential information in the possession and certify to U7BUY that you have done so.

16. Severability

Any illegal, invalid, or unenforceable terms, conditions, provisions, covenants, or commitments (and any reference to such provisions shall include any part thereof) contained in this agreement shall be deemed completely severable and invalid. Such illegal, invalid, or unenforceable terms do not render the remaining terms of this agreement invalid, and the validity of the remaining terms is not affected by the invalidity of such terms. In the interpretation and execution of the terms, the invalid terms shall be excluded. The invalid terms shall continue to apply after necessary modifications have been made to make the terms legal, valid, and enforceable.

17. Survival

The covenants, conditions, and provisions of this agreement that are effective upon its execution and continue to be effective after its termination or expiration, based on their nature, shall remain in full force even after the termination or expiration of this agreement.

18. Final Terms

18.1 Both users and U7BUY have the right to terminate this agreement.

18.2 U7BUY may terminate this agreement without reason by giving 14 (fourteen) days written notice, deleting the user's account, or blocking the user's access to the platform.

18.3 Users can terminate this agreement at any time without reason, by requesting U7BUY to delete their account. U7BUY is obliged to provide written confirmation and delete the account within 7 days of receiving the request. After this period, the agreement terminates.

18.4 U7BUY has the right to immediately terminate this agreement for violations of the service terms seriously.

18.5 Unless it harms the legal provisions related to consumer relationships, the service agreement and any documents related to the platform's functions and services are governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

18.6 If a court or arbitral tribunal determines that any provision of these terms and conditions is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the other provisions of terms and conditions shall remain fully effective. Any provision of this agreement that is only or partially deemed illegal, invalid, or unenforceable shall remain fully effective to the extent that it has not been deemed illegal, invalid, or unenforceable.

19. Non-Affiliation Notice and Disclaimer

U7BUY has no affiliation, association, authorization, endorsement, or any other form of official connection with the following game developers, publishers, and their subsidiaries or affiliated entities:

(a) Higgs Studio, Higgs Domino Island, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated entities. Official website: https://higgsgamestudio.com
(b) Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft Classic, Overwatch, Diablo, Hearthstone, StarCraft, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated entities. Blizzard's official website: https://www.blizzard.com
(c) Epic Games Inc., Fortnite, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliated entities. Fortnite's official website: https://epicgames.com
(d) Supercell Oy, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated entities. Official website: https://supercell.com
(e) Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Rockstar's official website: https://www.rockstargames.com
(f) Sea Ltd, Garena International I, Black Clover M, Call of Duty, Garena Speed Drifters, Free Fire Max, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated entities. Official website: https://www.callofduty.com
(g) Jagex Ltd., RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official RuneScape website can be found at: https://www.runescape.com
(h) IMC Games, Nexon Co., Ltd., Maplestory M, MapleStory, Tree of Savior TOS, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated entities. https://www.nexon.com
(i) Riot Games Inc., League of Legends, Valorant, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliated entities. Official website: https://www.riotgames.com

As well as any other game developers, game publishers, or video games not explicitly listed here.

Higgs Domino Island, MapleStory, RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, OSRS Gold, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Diablo, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, League of Legends, Valorant, Arena of Valor, Black Clover M, Call of Duty, and any other game names, marks, badges, and images not explicitly listed here are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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