With the guarantee of Trade Protect, you can place an order on U7BUY with peace of mind. Trade Protect ensures that sellers fulfill your order as described.

1. Trade Protect will protect buyers in the following situations:

A. The buyer did not receive the order.

B. The item received by the buyer is not as described.

2. Trade Protect does not provide protection for the following situations:

A. The buyer has confirmed receipt.

B. The buyer regrets after placing the order.

C. Transactions conducted outside of U7BUY.

D. Any modification of the account and its contents by the game publisher/game developer after the transaction is completed.

3. Trade Protect does not provide protection against fraudulent claims. We reserve the right to pursue legal action and suspend the accounts of buyers who make fraudulent claims.

4. The buyer must confirm the receipt of the goods after confirming that the received items can be used and conform to the description of the product list. A Confirmed Order signifies that the transaction is complete and means that you are satisfied with your purchase and agree to release payment to the seller.

5. If the buyer does not file a claim or complaint within 72 hours after the seller ships the goods, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the purchased item or service. No refunds will be given for orders that have been confirmed received and completed.

6. All transaction contracts are made by the seller and the buyer. In the event of a dispute after signing a sales contract, U7BUY can assist buyers or sellers, but does not assume any responsibility for the sales contract.

7. In case of a transaction dispute, the buyer must respond to our request and provide relevant evidence within 72 hours. If the buyer fails to respond within the specified time, it means that the buyer defaults that the problem has been resolved, and U7BUY will end the dispute.

8. Trade Protect is not responsible for all payment disputes or chargebacks. If this happens, we will stop the investigation and no refund requests will be entertained.

9. Trade Protect is not a product warranty. Instead, formulate a series of rules and require them to be implemented in accordance with the rules.

Transaction Limits for buyers

U7BUY users are required to follow below transaction limits based on the registration date and/or purchase history, and the purchase pattern. Otherwise, their accounts will be restricted.

For new user account(registered within 6 Months):

1. Daily transaction with the cap of $700 USD or equals to $700 USD in other currencies.

2. The maximum amount of a single transaction is limited to $500 USD or equals to $500 USD in other currencies.

3. If a newly registered user purchases more than $2000USD in a single month, his/her account may be limited.

4. For newly registered users, the frequency is limited to 3 with the cap of $1000 USD per day.

For old user account(registered over 6 Months):

1. Daily transaction with the cap of $2000 USD or equals to $2000 USD in other currencies.

2. The maximum amount of a single transaction is limited to $2000 USD or equals to $2000 USD in other currencies.

3. If an old user purchases more than $5000USD in a single month, his/her account may be limited.

4. For old users, the frequency is limited to 5 with the cap of $2000 USD per day.

5. It is regarded as new users who registered accounts over 6 months but with transaction history within 6 months.

U7BUY reserves the right to impose further transaction limits on the purchase.