With Trade Protect's guarantee, you can sell your items on U7BUY with peace of mind and let Trade Protect handle all the verification so you can focus on closing the deal.

Trade Protect provides sellers with protection coverage:

1. Chargeback Exemption: Only applicable to buyers attempting to apply for an unauthorized refund, but only if the seller ensures that they can provide complete transaction evidence according to our service requirements.

2. Your account and products must comply with our terms of service to be protected by Trade Protect.

Trade Protect does not provide protection for the following situations:

1. The product or service is not as described

2. Untraded orders

3. Intentional fraud or deception - the seller's account will be permanently suspended, and U7BUY will reserve the right to take legal action and recover all payments made to the seller.

4. If your buyer initiates a payment dispute and is successful, the financial institution will reverse the transaction. This means that the amount originally paid by the buyer will be refunded to them. Depending on why the buyer's payment dispute was successful, we may recover this amount from you.

Transaction Evidence:

1. Please upload the transaction voucher to the order immediately after the transaction is completed. If it is because we did not check the transaction certificate on your order and you did not upload the corresponding transaction certificate to the order or work order within the time required by us, we will treat it as no transaction certificate.

(a) Supported file formats: jpg, jpeg, png

(b) Supported file size: 5MB for a single file

(c) Quantity of files supported: 50 files for a single order

2. For orders above $500, the seller must keep the video as proof. Certain games require video proof regardless of transaction value, see our guidelines.

3. Evidence required to sell game account services - including screenshots of your account information submitted to buyers via U7BUY.

4. For games that support email notifications: screenshots of such notifications showing changes made to sold accounts.

5. Any screenshots that can prove the transaction was completed must also be included as evidence.

6. For other game services, screenshots or video evidence must contain the buyer's character ID, the number of items before and after the transaction.


To avoid disputes, you should:

1. Create detailed, accurate lists.

2. Provide high-quality screenshots/videos of multiple items and shipments.

3. Respond to buyers who contact you via U7BUY chat and try to resolve all issues.

4. Preserve correspondence and supporting documentation through the U7BUY tool.

U7BUY actively monitors all activities in the market, but if you find any suspicious activities, or users violate our terms and policies, exploit, abuse, or request for private transactions, please report to us immediately.