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Riders of Icarus Tips for Wizards


If you want to be a wizard in Riders of Icarus you will have to follow a few simple rules. Basically, you will have to follow some tips when it comes to playing a wizard in RoI but after all of that you will have the full freedom to playing however you like. So let’s get ready to learn how to play as a wizard in Riders of Icarus with this tip article. 
This might sound like something that's blindingly obvious but I didn't realise until recently. When a skill pops up on your screen saying recommended, you can't just cast the ability that has popped up from your usual skill bar. You actually have to press the button that pops up. This is default key bound to R. If you don't use the button that pops up you don't get the bonuses from linking skills (Flame bomb/Flame barrage reduced cast time and increased damage for example). You can also keybind the button that pops up for the auto blink when you get hit by stuns etc. (this is at Lvl 25 mind) Another thing that might sound obvious but skills that give you buffs are opposites. Flame vs frost and light vs dark. You can't have buffs from more than 1 from each set. 
Final words
Basically, wizards are pretty easy to play in Riders of Icarus. They are even considered to be one of the most recommended classes to play for newbies to Riders of Icarus. Wizards are quite powerful and, as in many MMORPG’s, you will be able to play as a utility class which is able to take on any role from damage dealer to healer in no time. Especially when you got enough cheap Riders of Icarus gold to support your character. Basically, when you play a wizard in Riders of Icarus you will be able to do anything. If your wizards is still not strong enough, buy Riders of Icarus Power Level service will be a good choice for you.  

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