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How to Use Currency in Star Trek Online


Energy credits are the most common type of Star Trek Online currency. These credits represent in game money. Players earn credits when completing missions and taking part in numerous activities. STO Energy credits are used as main currency by vendor NPCs. Weapons, new ships, shields and deflectors and many other items can be bought with credits. Players cannot mail credits to each other, transfer is possible via trade or fleet and bank account. If you need them, you can buy STO Credits Xbox One cheap from online sites like u7buy.com.  
Reputation marks are part of the Star Trek Online reputation system. There are seven types of marks associated with different factions. Players acquire marks by completing faction related missions. These marks are then used to unlock reputation ranks. Each faction has five reputation tiers. When players unlock a tier they gain access to faction unique items and abilities. 
Fleet currency has two types of assets: credits and marks. Fleet credits are obtained by fleet members as reward for taking part in star base projects. Credits are earned based on individual contribution. Fleet marks are used in the fleet advancement system. Players get marks by doing PvE group missions, completing fleet action daily quests and daily PvP activities. 
Dilithium is found in two forms: ore and refined. Dilithium ore is obtained from repeatable missions and as reward for spent in game time. Players transform ore into refined Dilithium which is a valuable Star Trek Online currency. It can be exchanged for Zen and spent on star ships. 
Star Trek Online Zen is  premium currency. It's bought from the game's store for real money or obtained  from the Dilithium exchange. Players use Zen to acquire costumes, ships, to unlock races and so on. 
Gold Pressed Latinum can be obtained in many ways. Ferengi collectors use it to pay for prototype consoles. The gambling mini game Dabo can reward Gold Pressed Latinum. There are some duty officer assignments that allow players to obtain this currency. It can also be bought or sold on the Star Trek Online auction house. Gold Pressed Latinum is traded for holo projectors and trophies or used in the Rescue Deferi Captives daily mission. 
Lobi Crystals can be found in lock boxes. This type of currency is spent at the Lobi Crystal Consortium for vanity pets, costumes, ground and space gear, ships and crew.

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