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SWTOR Credits

900000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 215.37 USD $ 226.71

800000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 191.44 USD $ 201.52

700000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 167.51 USD $ 176.33

600000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 145.09 USD $ 151.14

500000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 120.91 USD $ 125.95

450000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 109.95 USD $ 113.36

400000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 97.74 USD $ 100.76

350000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 86.40 USD $ 88.16

300000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 74.06 USD $ 75.57

250000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 61.72 USD $ 62.98

200000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 49.37 USD $ 50.38

180000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 44.89 USD $ 45.34

150000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 37.41 USD $ 37.78

120000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 29.93 USD $ 30.23

100000K SWTOR Credits EU

USD $ 24.94 USD $ 25.19


SWTOR Credits Fast Service

SWTOR Credits is the main currency like game gold in Star Wars: The Ole Republic. It’s not only has a name different from gold but also the trade method. In SWTOR, we could deliver credits to you via the in-game mail only.

When you buy Credits for SWTOR, we will arrange delivery for you fast after payment received. But it will take some more time for you to get swtor credits you bought after we send the credits. Because it usually takes 30- 40 minutes for the game system deliver it to your ingame box which we could not change. So all we could so it mail fast Star Wars: The Ole Republic Credits to you.

In order to receive SWTOR Credits fast, please choose instantly payment method like paypal. And fill in right character name and swtor server or it might delay your SWTOR order. In case you got any question or problem, we have 24*7 live support to offer fast service for swtor credits customers. If we could not deliver credits of Star Wars: The Ole Republic to you in 6 hours, we will offer extra 3% credits/ code as compensation. Delivery time more than 48 hours full money refund.

Every swtor player wants to receive SWTOR Credits quick, go to u7buy.com enjoy fast service!

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