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About Clash of Clans Gems

The Clash of Clans Gems, as the base currency in the game, is one of the most precious resources. So many players want to get gems Clash of Clans because they have so many functions. 
Firstly, COC gems can be used to purchase junior construction workers. This can also be considered the most commonly used use of gemstones by players in Clash of Clans. If you are a civilian player, then you must accumulate COC gems in the early stage to buy construction workers. With workers, we can accelerate the development of our home. When upgrading buildings or other things, construction workers are needed.
Secondly, when necessary, utilize Clash of Clans gems to accelerate resource production. The holy water harvesters, vaults, and black water harvesters in our homes are constantly producing resources, but their speed is limited. If you use gems to accelerate, you can obtain a large amount of resources in a short period of time. Remember to collect them in a timely manner.
Of course, players can also use Clash of Clans gems to buy their desired skins! Although hero skins are relatively expensive, up to 1500 gems, for most players, only one hero can be used per hero, and the cost-effectiveness of each skin is very high. Therefore, it is extremely cost-effective to accumulate some gems in daily life to purchase your favorite skin! After all, COC gems can also be accumulated, while hero skins are necessary for daily use!

The Role of Clash of Clans Gold Pass

The level of gameplay in the game of Clash of Clans is too high and the upgrade is too slow. Many impatient players have chosen to withdraw from the game, after all, it is really far away to achieve a full defense upgrade of 12 books. The official also realizes that many players have lost, and in order to increase the speed of player upgrade and retain players, the gold token function has been activated, laying the foundation for players to buy Clash of Clans Gold Pass.
In Clash of Clans, the Gold Pass has many more COC items than silver passes. In addition to resources and potions, magic books, runes, and hero skins are the biggest features of COC Gold Pass. However, many players are more concerned about the additional bonuses after purchasing a Clash of Clans Gold Pass than the magic items they receive as gifts. After buying a Clash of Clans Gold Pass, when your activity value reaches a certain level, you will receive additional rewards. For example, when your activity level is 80, you can receive a bottle of research potion. When your activity level is 160, you can receive 5000 points of dark heavy oil. These rewards are not available to players who purchase silver passes or accumulate large amounts of COC gems. This gold pass Clash of Clans brings a lot of rewards to players, and many players have also started to buy Clash of Clans gold pass, which feels quite good.

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