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Final Fantasy XIV is the fourteenth installment of Final Fantasy series that released in 2010. On our site, we can offer three regions( NA, EU,JP) for PC players, and the ffxiv gil, final fantasy xiv power leveling and FF14 items also can be offered to you. The cheap price and fast start can give you the best experience for final fantasy xiv service buying here.

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Great Yellow Pelican. This is the first boss in Brayflox'/s Longstop Final Fantasy XIV dungeon. The encounter has easy mechanics but they can become too much to deal with if not handled correctly. The boss puts a debuff on the tank...

Heaven on High is one of the two Final Fantasy XIV deep dungeons. It's a challenging activity that is similar to a dungeon. The layout of the place is dynamic and changes each time players enter it. The goal is to defeat all the...

Patch 4.3 for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is planned for release at the end of May. It's a generous patch that comes with new features and updates. Adventurers are given the chance to discover more of the story with a new main...

Rival Wings Astragalos (or simply Astragalos) is one of the most recently introduced Final Fantasy XIV PvP activities. It's new for Final Fantasy XIV but it's not new for those that are familiar with games like DotA2 or League of...

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG with a recruiting program that rewards players for bringing their friends into the game. The program was introduced two years after the game was released and it's available ever since. Here is what you...

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