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Final Fantasy XIV - Omega Deltascape Raid Introduction


Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood introduces a new raid, Omega. The first section called Omega Deltascape will be available once players hit level 70 which you could reach with FFXIV Power Leveling service and finish The Hunt for Omega quest. The NPC associated with this quest is Cid. He can be found in The Interdimensional Rift. Players need item level 295 gear to be able to enter the raid. Omega Deltascape is available just like other Final Fantasy XIV raids in the duty finder. A party of eight players is needed to complete the raid. They have one hour and 30 minutes to defeat all bosses. 
After players finish a successful Omega Deltascape run they are rewarded with treasure chests that contain prizes but not gear, however, gear can be obtained with tokens that are found in the coffers. Players can take part in Omega Deltascape as many times per week as they wish but they won't be getting more than one weekly token from each area. It doesn't matter if players select need or greed, if they already have acquired a token in that week, they won't be getting a second one until the reset. Omega Deltascape is reset every week on Tuesday so this is when players become eligible to get another token. 
The NPC that exchanges tokens for gear can be found in Rhalgr's Reach. His name is Gelfradus. Each type of item is bought with a different type of token. Helmets cost two Deltascape lenses. Body armor costs four shafts. Hands items are acquired for two cranks. To get a waist piece, players must have a chain token. Legs are obtained in exchange for four springs. Feet armor costs two pedals. Accessories can be bought for one bolt token. The NPC is also the one who exchanges crystalloids for older tomestones versions. The crystalloids are obtained when completing the raid. Just like tokens, only one can be acquired per week. 
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