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Take Part In The Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot Challenge


Final Fantasy XIV has a community event that challenges players to share their favorite screenshots on Twitter. The catch is that each screenshot has to have a certain theme. The event lasts for two weeks. Each day, a new question will be posted on Twitter and players have to answer it with a screenshot. There are no rules of entering the challenge but a few suggestions are given. Players are advised to put the day's number in the tweet. They can also clear out the user interface so the screenshot captures more of the game world. There is a group pose feature that makes the picture more fun. To take part in the challenge, players just have to follow Final Fantasy XIV on Twitter and check out what the daily theme is. These are the 14 daily themes. 
Day one is about flying mounts and favorite places to explore while flying. Final Fantasy XIV has amazing landscapes so on day two players were asked to make a screenshot of their favorite scenery. NPCs are a big part of Final Fantasy XIV so on day three players had to show the world their appreciation towards their favorite one. Day four comes with a question regarding the new expansion: samurai or red mage. On day five, players took pictures of their favorite minion. Those who like to dress up had the chance to show their best outfits on day six. Screenshots are a great way to immortalize game moments so players were asked to share a memory on day seven. Each player has a favorite mount and day eight was all about it. Players favorite furnishing item was day nine theme. Day ten invited players to interact for their preferred group pose. On day 11, players got to show their favorite race. Monsters are a necessary evil in Final Fantasy XIV and day 12 was about taking a picture of a favorite mob. On day 13 players were asked to show their favorite emotes. The theme for the last day was a screenshot with players favorite action or ability. 
There are no rewards that can be obtained from this challenge, it is all for fun only. If you need FFXIV Gil or FFXIV Power Leveling servide, you can get them cheap from u7buy. Now, let's join this screenshot chanllenge together.  

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