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FFXV PC Version Probably Delayed To 2017


The FFXV which release date was delayed to November 29 recently be put in a chunk of pre-order. However, the developer Square Enix added this game for XBOX One and PlayStation 4 only. What about pc? And what’s the reason that FFXV delay the release date?

In fact, from the evidences, we could see that we could get updates about xbox one and ps4 but very little for pc. It usually takes more time to developing for PC version. This is the first reason. The second reason as it said is finding the optimum display for “Final Fantasy XV” is seen as the main reason why no factual update has been rendered.

Now we can tell FFXV players that playing Final Fantasy XV on xbox one and ps4 platforms could let you catch glimpses and fully enjoy playing. But if you play on PC only, it probably takes more time to wait, till 2017 maybe. Any news we will keep you posted.

And about the other question about the delay of release date, as game director Hajime Tabata said one of the main reasons behind the delay of “Final Fantasy XV” are optimization issues which was divulged no less. All FFXIV players are looking forward to see what Square Enix will offer to us in the new game. We just hope there’s no delay again.

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