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The New Rule Announced by FA in Premier League


With more and more fouls appearanced in the game or outside the game, in order to decrease it, the FA announced the new rules for the players and the manager in Premier league playing. In the announcement, it states that the poor conduct has reached the unaccpetable levels.

The new announcement is mainly about the yellow card and the red card to show to the players, such as the confront match officials or use the offensive language or make gestures towards them. The other side, the fouls in the court also will be punished seriously. There is no one player to be sent off the court as insulting or abusive language towards a match official in the past five seasons in the Premier League.  The following behavior will get the yellow card or the red card by the players.

Offences will give the player a yellow card in the following factors:
Not polite behavior to any official in the match
The strong respons for the official’s judging
To discuss with the official with the status of face to face
Shout to the officials with a loudly voice
Make the Physical contact with the officials
Two or more players to encirclement the officials, one players will be showed the yellow card at least

Offences will give the player a red card in the following factors:
If a player confronts match officials and uses offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures towards them
Physical contact with match officials in an aggressive or confrontational manner.

In the new premier league season, this new rule will be carry out, the players should know these rules,and do not reach them. For the fifa 17 released at September, the new rule will be added in it? We do not know, but hope it can be added in. Before the fifa 17 released, you can consider playing fifa 16 at this moment, the similar feeling with the fifa 17 in some aspects, and if fifa 16 coins or fut 16 points account you needed in playing, you can choose our site to buy, the cheap price and the fast delivery we can offer you.

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