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Where is the 3rd Jerseys in FIFA 17 Playing?


In the EA Sports forum, a FIFA 17 player reports that some teams are missing the 3rd jersey. Players hope the 3rd jerseys can be added into the games for the new patch.

When the new games coming, there will have the more or less problems. Recently, a FIFA 17-gamer in the forum reported that some teams lack the 3rd jerseys.

A FIFA 17 player has noticed that Valencia, Fenerbache and Besiktas are missing the 3 rd jerseys. But you can find these jerseys on fifa.com. He is not the only player to encounter this problem. After another player also have this doubts.

Some players have already contacted EA staff, but there is no official statement from EA. According to the employee, players can report to EA if this problem exist. Now it seems that these missing jerseys can only be introduced by a new patch. Players hope that EA will release a new patch for the new jerseys as soon as possible.

Is this important for players? Yes, of course. What attracts FIFA series players are the credits. Why do so many players buy FIFA? One of the most important reasons is that every team has all the jerseys available. In fact, there is still hope: the third jersey of Barca was recently submitted. One can still expect something to come. A mod is also possible.

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