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CS: GO May Updates


CS: GO went through two updates in May 2018. One was at the beginning of the month and was quite small. It took care of some graphical and developer tools issues. The second update that rolled towards the end of the month was significantly larger. Two of the available maps received some updates. The maps in question are Nuke and Overpass. While playing on Nuke on low settings, players will notice that the map has been optimized. When in the A site, there was visibility between silos but now it was blocked. The B site was revised as well. The vent that was used to get directly to it now leads somewhere in the vicinity of the double doors. In order to hamper headshot angles, some corner boxes were moved to the back. The yellow crane now has some solid background. Players will also notice that toxic was removed and they are able to move somewhat more smoothly. Short Nuke gameplay adjustments were also ported. When playing on the Overpass map, players will not be distracted by ambient sounds as their volume was decreased. The shadows that would appear near the main B site entrance were removed. Grenade collision was added and also combatants collision.
The game got some general updates. The audio system received a small update for ambient noises. Sounds from destroyed vents were made better and they can also be heard over longer distances. Reverb effects were also updated to take the landscape into consideration. The use function was improved too. The equipped weapon will not be dropped when it's not possible to get the replacement weapon. Neck hit box was reworked. When a bullet goes through the neck and into the head, that will count as a headshot from now on. Users with prime accounts that get matched in competitive games with prime accounts with a certain trust factor get a warning. Bombs that explode and get defused in the same instant, count as defused. Another issue with an exploding bomb was resolved too.
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