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How to Obtain DotA 2 Battle Points


DotA 2 battle points are a mechanic of the battle pass. These points are a bit similar to XP as they are used to improve the battle pass. To pass a level, 1000 battle points are needed. Players who have the battle pass will get these points from several activities. Those who have the DotA subscription will get extra five levels and shards. The battle pass has 2000 level cap. Various rewards are given for achieving certain levels so players strive to improve their battle passes. The good news is that this year the battle pass will be available for two more weeks after The International ends so there's a bit more time to upgrade it. 
Activities included in the battle pass reward battle points. The cavern crawl is a mode where players have to win games using random heroes to unlock rooms. Battle points are among the rewards obtained from cavern crawl. Wagering is another activity that rewards points and good DotA 2 Skins . Players get points if they win the game. The number of obtained points is the double of the risked tokens. There are daily and weekly challenges that also give points. A daily challenge will reward 100 points and a weekly challenge will give 400 points. Players get points as tips during games. The tips come from other players but the giver of the tip doesn't actually give the points. An impressive number of points can be obtained by completing all battle pass related achievements. There are 57,800 points to earn in total. These points are the equivalent of 57 levels. Points are also obtained from predictions. Playing DotA 2 trivia is a fun way to test your knowledge, to learn new things, and to win points. The Underhollow, the mode that has battle royale gameplay, is a great way to get points as well. Players get 750 points when they win a match, 300 when they discover the location of the big cheese, 30 for killing enemies, 25 for finding the small cheese, and 20 when they get a standard treasure. 

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