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What You Need to Know About DotA 2 Heroes


DotA 2 is a multiplayer team based game where players choose a character to control during games. These characters are called heroes. There is a very large hero selection. More than 100 heroes are available. Each of them is a different character. The official DotA 2 website has individual profiles for all heroes. Players can learn about the combat features but also about a hero's background.
A hero has multiple attributes but it's characterized by one of the three primary attributes: strength, agility, or intelligence. The primary stat dictates the attack damage. Other stats are movement speed, armor, range, damage, get DotA 2 Skins and such. These stats are increased when heroes level up. During games, heroes get XP points that allow them to gain new levels. Players can check out stat values for different levels by consulting the official hero profile page or community websites. Each hero also has four abilities that will be used in combat. These abilities influence the play style and role. There are 10 hero roles. There is a connection between primary stat and role. Heroes that have strength as a primary attribute usually have a high HP that can be quickly restored. Agility heroes concentrate on attack speed and they can deal damage through different means. Intelligence heroes excel at spell casting.
The most common question for a new player is what hero should I choose. There are some heroes that are easier to play than others but in the end is players' preference that matters. Players should just think which style they like the most and pick one of the available heroes. There are many guides on how to play heroes. Players are also advised to browse the hero selection, read on their abilities and bio, and choose the one that appeals to them the most. There are more than 100 heroes so players are guaranteed to find one that fits their style. Players can also get familiar with the roles and select a hero they think they might enjoy playing. The important thing is to not adventure into a game without knowing what your role means. DotA 2 is a team game so every player has a significant contribution.

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