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Fortnite Releases Patch and Game Mode


Just a few days ago, the 6.00 patch with which the sixth season of the game was introduced, including notable changes in the map and some Fortnite objects, arrived in Fortnite. However, as usual, since Epic Games have not fallen asleep on the laurels and today has come to the game the patch 6.01, with more content in the form of objects and options, in addition to the new game mode 50 vs 50 mode.
As reported a few days ago, maintenance is complete and patch 6.01, along with all its content, is already active in all versions of Fortnite. Through this patch come to the game such outstanding novelties, such as anew weapon which freezes our rivals; new options for customizing Playground games, including changing initial health, severity and more Fortnite Power Leveling; and a new hammer to enjoy in Saving the World. 
50 VS 50 is now live in Fortnite 
For its part, the 50 vs 50 mode will be available, as usual, for a limited time, bringing different rules that allow users to enjoy an unusual form of Fortnite. However, due to a small problem found by doing some tests, this game mode is not yet active. As reported by Epic Games officially, the problem should not persist and the game mode will be available as soon as the problem is solved, which is available now to play it.
The 50 vs 50 mode is a new game mode where, as the name says, there will be the possibility of maneuvering in the air to kill the enemies in the craziest ways possible. Have you played it yet?
Remember that you can play Fortnite in every console and handled system out there! 

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