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FUT Mobile

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  • Game(Full Name): FUT Mobile
  • Genres: Sports (Association football)
  • Company:
  • Release Date: 2016
  • FUT Mobile Introduction

    FUT Mobile is an association football simulation video game. Same as FUT series games, the main currency of this game is FUT Mobile Coins.
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    Different from other platforms, it’s not easy to get good payers for fut when playing on mobile, even can’t purchase a player card from online store. Therefore, coins are needed a lot while playing this game on this device. U7buy as the most professional FUT coins store offer the cheapest FUT Mobile coins with fast and safe service. Professional coins transferring system and completed refund policy are available. Buy FUT Mobile coins service and fully enjoy the game now!
    FUTMobile Platforms: IOS, Android

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The FUT Mobile Treasure Hunt event continues with the next phase. We've completed Treasure Jungle Sahara and now it's time to dive into Treasure Hunt Amazon. New challenges and new prizes await. The event is available from the Events scre...

Retro Stars is a FUT Mobile program that gives players a second chance at obtaining players from events from the past. It's a bit similar to the FUTTIES event from the main FUT game. Retro Stars features footballers prom past events. Play...

Treasure Hunt Sahara is a FUT Mobile seasonal event. It's similar in structure to the other events. Players will complete activities to get special event tokens that can be exchanged for rewards. When you open the event for the first time...

Players' worth in FUT Mobile is often measured by the quality of their team. Skills matter too, of course, but the performance on the field depends on how good a team is. Make sure to takes these into consideration if you want to improve ...

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