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Guild Wars 2 Gold Losing Value


Gold is one of the main resource sin GW 2 but, as with all fake money it can lose its value very fast and this is what is happening at this very moment. So if you want to know what’s going on to GW 2 and what exactly is happening to GW 2 gold, stick around and find out the reason. 
What’s happening
Basic economy. Guild Wars 2 has progressed in its economy far more than any game as old as GW 2. This is simple to explain because with more people, the developers of GW 2 have started dishing out more content and more importantly, more rewards. Because of this, players have started to make more gold and complete higher end content with all of the new gear that they god with the Gold in Guild Wars 2. And as this follows, gold has started to become more and more common within Guild Wars 2. Apply basic economy principles and you have a staggering loss of gold value over the years. Pretty simple if I may say so myself. 
This is not as bad as it seems. This simply implies that gold will not be the main resource used for player to player or seller to player transactions that have been happening over the years. What this means is that GW 2 will probably start to employ a better system and more expensive GW2 items that can be used for trading between players. When will this happen? I have no idea… But be sure that your gold is not going to have the value as it has had in the early years of Guild Wars 2.  

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