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NBA 2K17 - Troubleshooting Tips


Connection issues. There are a couple of things players can do to identify the problem if they are having connectivity issues with NBA 2K17 online modes. The first thing to check is the Internet connection. Players can easily check if other devices (computers, mobile devices) connected to the same network are working. Another thing to check is the device connection. NBA 2K17 is played on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox and each one of these systems has a dedicated support page that can help players. The third thing that should be checked is servers and online services. The NBA 2K17 server status can be seen here https://www.nba2k.com/status. Server status for all systems is displayed along with game modes status. Online services status can be checked on Steam for PC, Xbox Live for Xbox systems, and PlayStation Network for PlayStation consoles. Players can perform these tests in any order they find relevant.
Ethernet connection. The NBA 2K17 support team recommends to use a cable connection instead of a WiFi connection. To do this, players need to disconnect from the wireless network and plug an Ethernet cable into their device. A quick router reset is also recommended. A router is reset by simply unplugging it and plugging it back after a few minutes.
Firewall and ports. It's possible that the network or Windows firewall might be blocking NBA 2K17 from going online. To check if this is the cause for issues, players can temporarily disable all firewalls and try to play the game. NBA 2K17 needs a couple of ports open in order to work. The ports need to be open from the router. In most cases, these are automatically set so players don't need to worry about it but, if all other options were exhausted, it won't hurt looking into this too. The complete list of ports is found on the NBA 2K17 website. Port forwarding tutorials are found with a simple Internet search.

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