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Squad Battles Guide in FIFA 19 - Part 1


If you want to earn more points in the FIFA 19 Squad Battles, we'll give you some tips and tricks, and at the same time, all those interesting rewards you can receive according to how your games end.
The Squad Battles in FIFA 19 can give you the opportunity to get many advantages but only if you select the appropriate level of difficulty and you win enough matches. Taking into account all of the above, you must know how to win many more points in this FIFA 19 modality.
Here we show you how to get more points in FIFA 19 Squad Battles and we point out each of the rewards so you know what you can win if you are at the right level.
Squad Battles in FIFA 19 FUT: how to win more points and all the rewards
Before we explain how to get more points you have to keep in mind what exactly this game mode is about.
We are talking about a game mode for a player in which you will face teams of members of the community. It is a good way to win prizes and FUT 19 coins with some challenges that are updated periodically. While you earn points, you will go to a world leaderboard, and at the end of each week, depending on your position, you will earn more or less rewards.
In addition to the weekly rewards, you will also receive coins according to your performance in each of these games, something that depends on several factors such as difficulty levels.
We will address the rewards in the next article, so pay attention and stay tuned to U7Buy.

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