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NBA Live Mobile - Did You Sign up for the Playtest?


Electronic Arts is looking for players to help with an NBA Live Mobile playtest. The news was posted on Twitter along with a link to the registration website.3 NBA Live Mobile players are invited to sign up for a playtest. Players will follow the link to the EA Playtesting website. The next step is to log in with the EA account. Players can follow the register link to make a new account if they haven't got one already. After players have logged in, they will take part in a survey. The provided info and the answers will be taken into consideration when deciding who will make it to the next phase. As no one knows what the playtest is about, there is no way to improve the chance of being selected. Players are advised to just give honest answers. Some might think that testers have to be veteran NBA Live Mobile players or have a certain OVR or level but that's not always true. New players' response to possible features is also important to the development team. 
The playtest will be a remote one. This means that players are not required to go to a specific location. All they need is a smartphone and a reliable Internet connection. Players need to provide their NBA Live Mobile username for the playtest. Those who are selected will receive a reward for taking part in the playtest. They will get two Electronic Arts games of their choice. The playtest will take place during the October 30th – November 7th week. With the auction market closed in preparation for the new season, this means that season two will start soon. Some users are speculating that testers will be able to preview the gameplay from the new season. It's not yet announced when the new season will begin. After the announcement of the playtest, users think it will begin after November 7th. 
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