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Win up to One Million Coins with NBA Live Mobile Live Events


NBA Live Mobile live events are all sorts of daily activities that offer a chance to get easy prizes. These events are somewhat similar to daily quests in MMORPGs. They are made to reflect what's going on in the real NBA basketball season so players have also an easy way to keep updated with news from their favorite sport. Live challenges don't take too long to complete and this is why players are so fond of them. They provide the fastest way to win prizes. 
NBA Live Mobile has multiple types of live events. There are around 15 live events. Daily drills are practice activities. Players can improve their shooting, obstacle or dunk game by taking part in these activities. There are six daily drills to finish each day. New players are encouraged to take full advantage of these daily drills to perfect their game. Road to Riches is one particularly rewarding event. Players will obtain a coin collectible that can be sold for NBA Live Mobile coins. The price greatly varies from a few hundred coins up to one million. The amount of coins seems to be randomly decided when the player sells the coin collectible. Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins are not the only reward for completing live events. Players can also receive cards and trophies. There are also live events where players have to take part in games. The goal is not always to win a match, sometimes the objective is to perform a certain task before the end of a match. Players can be tasked with scoring a three points shot from various locations of the court. 
Multiple events take place throughout a day but they have a certain time frame in which they are available. NBA Live Mobile doesn't have an official schedule to keep track of live events but there is a way to see the weekly program. There are community websites that do their best to list daily events. The data is obtained by observing which events were available so far. NBA Live Mobile team is always working on new events to keep the activities' list fresh and challenging. 

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