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Neverwinter Best Companions


Neverwinter has a lot of opportunities for you to become a solo lone wolf type of player but do you really want to do that? Even without others players by your side in this MMORPG, you might still want to bring a companion along with you just in case you start to fail hard… But the question still arises, which companion is the best one for your player? Well this article is here to answer just that so without further ado let me guide you down and show you which companions are the best choice for you. 

The best of the best

Since Neverwinter has a lot of classes; these are going to be divided in that way. 

Devoted Cleric: Ioun Stone of Allure, Shieldmaiden,Frost mimic, Cave Bear, Sprite, Helmite Ghost, Rust Monster.

Guardian Fighter: Acolyte of Kelemvor, Pseudodragon, Phase Spider, Blacksmith,Rust Monster , Cockatrice, Neverember Guard, Leprechaun, Astral Deva

Great Weapon Fighter:   Yeti, Fire/Air/Earth Archon, Blink Dog, Cleric Disciple.

Control Wizard: Augment Companions (Cat or Ioun Stone), Zhentarim Warlock, Acolyte of Kelemvor, Air Archon, Fire Archon, Blink dog.

Oathbound Paladin: Rust Monster, Zhentarim Warlock, Blacksmith

Hunter Ranger: Mercenary, Earth / Fire / Air Archon, Yeti, Erinyes of Beilal, Blink Dog

Scourge Warlock: Mercenary, Air Archon, Intellect Devourer, Blink Dog Erinyes, Shadow Demon, Siege Master

Will this help?

If you actually want to play with a companion then use this Neverwinter article for a little guidance on the subject. And if you don’t want to play with a companion… What the hell are you doing here then? Whichever way you see it, companions are useful but only as much as you are. So get yourself a friend and start playing Neverwinter. Visit u7buy.com when you need to buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, and Neverwinter Account to get cheap Zen.

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