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Pokémon GO App FastPokeMap Back This Weekend?

time 10/19/2016

Pokémon GO featured a new update one week ago, which the update added a Catch Bonus where trainers earn a catch bonus for a Pokémon type. And many other new things, click here for more details of Pokémon GO Version 0.41.2 & 1.11.2 Update. After this new update, the FastPokeMap developers and volunteers were able to crack the API in just three days. The good news we got is the FastPokeMap developers have found a stopgap fix and could manage Niantic to shut down the app once more.

This means that Pokémon GO players could use this app again. But you need to wait some more time. Because as it said the app is set to back up online this weekend ( October 22 or 23 2016).

The FastPokeMap used to be one of the most popular map trackers apps. But Pokémon Go players could not use it since Niantic blocked all the third-party apps. But now, if this app be set back online again, it will be easier for players to play in game. But as Pokémon GO account seller and a site which offering Pokémon GO Pokémon, and power leveling service, we still need to remind you that there is still a possibility to get banned when you use the third-party apps. We could only make sure the safety of Pokémon GO account we sell, but if you use other apps, your account might got banned. We said so because Niantic threatens players more than once.

As FastPokeMap developers said “we understand Niantic's move to block third-party apps to keep the integrity of the game. But with the condition that it doesn't hurt their Pokémon Go user base and that they are self-sabotaging to try and control the growth of their own game”.

As Pokémon Go fan, I believe everyone wants to play easily and freely, this app is very helpful indeed. But we are not sure how long it will work. However, no matter what happens, u7buy will keep offering cheap price for Pokémon Go account, Pokémon, and other Pokémon Go services.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account