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Luna-FF15 First Playable Female Character

time 11/01/2016

There is less than a month till FF XV release. As all FF15 fans know that the whole story is focus on Noctis and his buddies Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. However, the latest news which got confirmed by producer Haruyoshi Sawatari that Luna has a sporting chance to become the first female playable character!

Luna is the fiancée of Noctis who is the main character in this game FF15. Since Noctis’s brothers also provide additional adventures to the gameplay, Luna probablely do the same which make us very interested about Luna now. Review history of FF, FF XIII starred the female Lightning as its protagonist, while FF X-2 starred Yuna. So clearly, it’s not the first time that female took the lead.

As Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari stated that players might just get a chance to take control of a female FF XV character at some point. Which character came to your mind first? It’s Luna of course. “There is clearly a demand for this, and we will consider it,” he said however.

Luna is the first female character that come to our mind when we think about this. But it might takes more time for FF15 players to see her in game. That’s because the game will be released in 29th November, and it’s possible for Square Enix to add new female character in game. So we guess that they could create an independent DLC. So given this premise, Luna is likely to become playable at mid of 2017. No matter they will add it or not, u7buy.com as the best final fantasy gil site will offer cheap price for FF15 Gil for you. Remember come to u7buy when FF15 released in November. 

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