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Where To Get Gil In FF14

time 11/03/2016

Just like many RPG games FF is a game where gear decides your progression and the outcomes of battles. While in the beginning the game is easy, killing weak enemies for some time, but later on you get to experience the difficulty if you’re geared. The question now is “How will I get geared in FF14”? Well you can always grind. But where is the fun in grinding in FF14 for who knows how long. I mean you didn’t buy the game so you could play the same thing over and over, kill creatures you killed over and over and finishing side quests whose story you don’t care about. There might be a better way though.

Solution is easier than you might think
You can purchase the gear necessary without grinding. You can use FF14 gil. But now you have to grind gil? Isn’t that the same as grinding gear in FF14. You will have to craft and sell and trade. Also to earn large amounts of it you will have to be leveled up which takes even more time. Or you will have to convert which also is a pain. So there is no easy way of getting gil. Well not quite. Instead of grinding it you can just purchase FF14 gil online. Probably one of the best sites for you to do that is U7Buy.com.

It pays off
On U7Buy you can buy large amounts of gil for any of your gaming needs within FF14. You will never be poor in FF nor will you have to waste your time with gameplay you don’t care much about. You can now focus on the parts of the game you want to play instead of doing repetitive farming. Just a few clicks is all that’s needed for you to have all your FF gaming needs fulfilled. Get FF14 Gil cheap now!

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