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NBA 2k17 Cheap Three Point Shooters

time 11/24/2016

NBA 2k17 has a vast array of different players that bring various benefits to the team they play for. When starting your team, you can’t always be lucky and get the best players right off the bat but in NBA 2k17 you can get a lot of good players for cheap if you know who to look for. These might not even be the best choices due to the sheer amount of players available, but I can honestly say that they are damn good. So without further drag, here are some of the cheapest NBA 2k17 three point shooters that can make your team just that bit better.

Who are these shooters

-Matt Bonner- Large Ginger headed man that has a brilliant three point score history and can continue to be a great asset for your team.

-Reggie Bullock- A rather anonymous player, Reggie is actually really good when it comes to three pointers.

-Jerryd Bayless- He is good as a point man and as a defense which makes him worth a 3 year contract.

-Tomas Satoransky- A professional marksman and middleman, totally worth the sign. 

-Seth Curry- Seems like the brother of the reigning NBA MVP carries over some genes when it comes to shooting. 

-Steve Novak- One of the best 3 point shooters in franchise history.

-Anthony Morrow- One of the most accessible and reliable players in NBA 2k17 and the entire series. 
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What to do with this information

Simply use it to your advantage. NBA 2k17 has some very cheap yet professional players out there that can make your team perform just that one bit better in order to beat your sworn enemy. So if you really want to show off your team and save money at the same time, consider signing one of these players for dirt cheap and make your team one of the best in NBA 2k17. 

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