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8 Basic NBA 2k17 Tips

time 12/07/2016

In this NBA 2k17 article we will give you all of the must know tips for getting started in NBA 2k17 and to keep you up to speed if you actually missed something whilst playing. The game is not that difficult, but we are just here to provide a helping hand to those stubborn enough to avoid any tutorial or ingame help of any kind. So without further ado I give you the 8 Basic Tips for NBA 2k17. And do try to follow them this time… Please?


-You can scan your face and put it in the game on any console these days. So don’t be afraid that it won’t work.

-Everything in MyPlayer is important- if you breeze through the MyPLayer creation you are going to have a bad time. Take your time there.

-There are websites online that will provide you with excellent MyPlayer Builds that you can then apply and use in your game. 

-Get the NBA 2k17 App on your phone and you can use it to make virtual currency while you are away from home.

-MyPlayer is as much about success as it is about earning mad money.

-2KU= important lessons.

-Use the timeline for substitutes. 

-For the love of God change the difficulty.

-Skip the playoffs in MyLeague. 

Is there more?

Well yes, there are a lot of tips out there for NBA 2k17 but we think that these are some of the most essential ones that will guide all of the newbies and shake some sense into the veterans that are fooling around. These tips are by no means hard to follow which is why I ask you to use them in order to improve your gaming experience tenfold. Of course cheap NBA 2K17 MT and NBA 2K17 VC are very helpful too, you could buy then with cheap price at u7buy.com. Thanks for reading and I hope that all of your shots hit. 

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