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Riders of Icarus Tips for Everyone

time 12/27/2016

Well hello there dear fans of Riders of Icarus and welcome to another article that will try to give you tips in order to boost your performance, think of it as Viagra for Riders of Icarus… Here you will learn some of the little tips and bits that can make your game a better experience in every way shape and form. SO if you are ready, get on your familiar and let us make haste as I guide you down below to see the Riders of Icarus tips available for everyone. 


Leveling up In order to not get under-level i recommend getting all the side quest you come along because it will help you a lot on your way to max level and will also help you learn the game better. If you don’t have time to do it, u7buy.com offer fast Riders of Icarus Power Leveling service for you! 

Temper your items only up to and around 9 because in the future that item might not even matter as new items become available to you. And why 9 ask? 10+ is a permanent bound which means that you can’t sell it anymore. 

Solo a dungeon and sell what you got as a drop 
Farm rare items that have a high price on AH (Auction House)
Farm materials for alchemy and try to craft the best potions then sell them on AH.
Compare price first when you want to buy Riders of Icarus gold, and then choose an experienced site to place order like u7buy.com.
How will you fare later?

I don’t really know, this article can be a fair hit and miss depending on the player’s level and actual ability to play Riders of Icarus but it has been set as an all rounded article in order to teach you a few things. If you enjoyed this article be sure that there are more to come after this one and you can get your daily dose of Riders of Icarus tips any time on this website. 

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