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Neverwinter Taking the First Step

time 01/06/2017

So you finally saw all of those neat updates that came into Neverwinter as well as the PS4 and Xbox One releases that happened earlier. Well because it is all new and shiny I understand that you want to get your little hands on it which is why this tip article is prepared to help you out when taking the first step into the polished and refined Neverwinter for PS4 and Xbox One. The game has a lot of little extras here and there since its initial launch but the core still stays the same as always. Now lets get ready to see what a beginner is to do in Neverwinter. 


Save your Astral Diamonds. It'll be tempting to spend them, but trust me 2-3 months into the game, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't have a nice stockpile when stuff starts to climb in price.
You will spend $, just accept this fact now and you'll be okay.
Spend $ wisely, wait for zen to go on sale to buy it, wait to spend Zen until you have coupons.
Lockbox RnG is as bad as most games RnG, and then a little bit worse than that. Again, save your AD and invest in stuff you want that way unless you want to spend thousands.
Use the calendar feature to play the Astral Diamond/Zen Exchange like the stock market. You can bank big time if you anticipate a rise/decline in AD/Zen exchange for certain events and or sales which might dictate supply/demand.

What is left?
DONT loot every green item you see while grouping and running dungeons.
Check for Events in the Calendar often, ton's of stuff happens with a great schedule to make it easy to be included in everything the game has to offer. Don't refine stuff until Double Refining Points, Don't salvage stuff until Double Astral Diamonds, etc..
Dodge Red Circles.
Clicking in your Right Joystick Auto-Runs (for xbox it does anyways) and prepare for your LB button to break.

And that’s it I think. Now get ready to rule Neverwinter with your heaps of Astral Diamonds. 

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account