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SWTOR Pet Tricks

time 01/15/2017

Star Wars the Old Republic offers you a lot of customization choices when it comes gameplay but some of them lye forgotten in the depths of the SWTOR world. Luckily, some players have figured out how to unlock more tricks for your pets in SWTOR by getting a certain companion. Who is that companion and what are these tricks? Well stick around and find out on the lower part of this Star Wars the Old Republic Pet Trick article. 
The first 4 cartel market companions (Akk Dog, Probe Droid, Nexu, and Personal Warbot) had companion tricks you could activate from their tab of the abilities screen. Cartel market companions since then have not had any tricks.
The Tuk'ata (recent and ongoing direct sell companion on the market) has pet tricks. They are direct copies of the Akk Dog's tricks, but that's better than nothing.
The tricks are Speak, and Play Dead.
Whilst these tricks are nothing special in Star Wars the Old Republic they are still something that you could use to break the boredom. Essentially, your little SWTOR pets can do all of the simple things your pets can do in real life… And if you don’t have pets… Well you are not loved… I’m sorry. 
And that’s all she wrote. Remember These tricks are not that much but you will easily find them enjoyable with your SWTOR pets and they are not all that hard to learn. In essence if you find that your pets old tricks are boring you half to death in Star Wars the Old Republic, try out these new pet tricks for your SWTOR pet. One last thing, remember u7buy.com when you want to buy SWTOR credits cheap, or need safe SWTOR Power Leveling service.  

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