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NBA 2K17 My Career Guide

time 02/16/2017

NBA 2K17 has a few single player modes. MyCareer seems to be the most popular. It is a mode that allows players to create a character and pursue a basketball career by making certain choices. All players start by creating a new character that is called MyPlayer. The choices made during this process will impact character development. When selecting archetype and position, players should take into consideration that this selection dictates rating cap, attributes and badges. Physical attributes like height and weigh can be adjusted. Players will notice that other stats like speed will also change.

MyCareer is a single player mode but players will not face challenges on their own. This mode introduces supporting characters that will act as friends and team mates. Characters are played by famous actors such as Michael B. Jordan and Matt Walsh. MyPlayer develops relationships and forges his own path according to a decision making system. Justice Young, the character played by Michael B. Jordan, is an important part of the story. MyPlayer and Young are team mates and friends. The duo will be known as Orange Juice and their relationship develops outside of the basketball court as well. This interaction will impact their game chemistry. While playing in a match, players can control both characters. They will be able to guide Young and even switch characters and play with him instead of MyPlayers.

Off Court is an NBA 2K17 MyCareer feature that allows players to decide how they will spend their time between matches. They can do a commercial, train in the gym, meet with an NPC and so on. All activities are rewarding but time doesn't allow to do them all so players will choose the one they find more beneficial or attractive. MyPlayer's development path takes different turns based on what replies he sends to received text messages. Players also have to carefully choose endorsements. Doin' Work is a NBA 2K17 system that records progress when MyPlayer practices in MyCourt or trains with Justice. MyCourt features three court selections that support additional customization. It's obvious that the NBA 2K17 development team put a lot of effort into MyCareer mode and this shows. The mode is a favorite single player activity.

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