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A chance for NBA 2K17 players to be part of a professional gaming team

time 02/26/2017

NBA 2K17 players have a new e-league to look forward to in 2018. NBA and 2K officials announced that the famous basketball league and the creators of one of the most popular NBA themed games have entered a partnership to create NBA 2K eLeague. This will be a new professional gaming league focused on NBA 2K games. The league is planned to set off in 2018. The goal is to unite the best NBA 2K players from all around the world and to create a competitive environment for some spectacular matches between the best gamers on the planet. eLeague is not just a new gaming league, it's also the first league that is handled by a professional sports association. NBA 2K17 players should start honing their skills if they wish to take part in an eLeague event. 
Another exciting news is that 2K eLeague teams will be managed by NBA teams. Each team will have five members. They will all have avatars to represent them in game. All members have been selected from professional NBA 2K17 players. The league will debut with eight or twelve teams. The long time plan is to have 30 teams, one for each real NBA team. This means that the team setup is far from being completed and there are still real NBA teams looking for talented gamers. Professional NBA 2K17 players will probably be the first choice so all users have a chance of being part of an NBA 2K eLeague team. Of course, only the best will be picked so this chance greatly varies but 2018 is not here yet and there's plenty of time to train. 
There will be three NBA 2K eLeague phases to determine the winner. The first phase consists of a normal season where teams will compete in head to head events. The second phase is a bracketed playoff contest. The final phase will be a championship. NBA is committed to spread news of the NBA 2K eLeague both online and offline with TV broadcasts. Prize pools are not yet announced but everyone is in agreement that we can expect to see some really high numbers. 
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