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How to Create an NBA 2K17 League with League Expansion

time 04/03/2017

League Expansion is a feature introduced in NBA 2K17. It's an extension of the MyGym and MyLeague modes. In the previous NBA 2K installments, players were able to create their own virtual NBA league with 30 teams. The expansion feature adds six more teams. When selecting the MyGym or MyLeague mode from the game's menu, players will notice three options. The first one is the normal league with 30 teams. The second option is expansion mode that allows players to add and customize six more teams. The last option unlocks the possibility of creating a personalized league with 36 teams including classic teams, EuroLeague teams and current NBA teams. 
There are three ways to create custom teams. Create your own team is the first choice which gives players total freedom when choosing logo, arena and uniform. Players can choose from the ten fictional teams already made in game. Logo, arena, outfits and commentary have already been created by the NBA 2K17 development team so all players have to do is just decide which one they like best. Players can also design their own teams and share them with the entire community for others to browse and borrow. Download team design is the option that gives users access to lots of custom teams created by fellow NBA 2K17 players. 
Gameplay system to ensure that players will have a quality MyLeague expanded experience are introduced. Features such as player protections, drafts and schedule creation system were added to the game. The schedule system takes into consideration the six new teams and creates a balanced timetable. Draft lottery is also updated to accommodate the expansion. The lottery includes more teams depending on the total number of teams in the league. The new feature allows players to expand their leagues in off season or after the mode has begun. Users will be faced with important decisions regarding their players so league expansion adds complexity to the game. Decisions like which players to protect and which one to use in the expansion draft are not easy to take. At last remember u7buy when you need to buy NBA 2K17 MT and cheap NBA 2K17 VC Account, 100% satisifed service promised.  

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