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Secrets and Tips to Be Better in FUT 17 (part 1)

time 04/08/2017

Undoubtedly, playing a new video game is a challenge that we all like because we have to learn everything we need to play. We go step by step and surprise by surprise, until, after a good time to be playing, we become professionals in that particular game.
However, this is a very long way to go and it is even longer if you do it by yourself. That's why we sat down and chatted with 2 professional FUT 17 players. They shared their experiences and their best advice so that you could occupy them and be just as good as them.
Be patient
FUT 17 is not about learning to score goals, but about moving the ball from your area to the other one. This may not be easy at first, but after a while you will be able to reach the opposing area with the ball. When starting to play, obviously we will not start by putting thousands of goals (especially if we are playing online). So be patient and learn from your mistakes.
Take your time
We all love to spend hours and hours playing (especially if we just bought FUT 17). However, you have to learn to take a break. If you play for many continuous hours, this will cause you to lose concentration and increase your stress levels. So, turn off the console and relax.
Monitor your opponent all the time
As a hunter, you must learn the techniques and movements of your opponent, because that way, you can know where to shoot the ball and you can intercept (the same goes for penalties). Besides all of these tips, enough FUT 17 Coins Xbox One, ps and pc will help you fully play skills in game. If you want more good players for your ultimate team, FUT 17 Points Account will be needed which you could login your console and use the points for pack opening.

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