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Tips and Tricks FUT 17: How to do the Free Kicks

time 04/19/2017

Among the innovations that have been included in FUT 17 have improved many aspects of the shots of free kicks and the controversial penalties now entering many more factors at stake. It should be clarified that now requires more practice both the launching of fouls and penalties. That is why FUT 17 will require us to practice a long hours the launch of fouls and penalties to get successful in the games.
With the following tricks for FUT 17 you can know how to throw a foul or shoot a penalty with great success.
How to shoot a free kick in FUT 17 and score goal
In each match we will have two or three dangerous fouls, and according to the player we choose, the type of shot and the luck of the barrier, we can score some goal per game.
With the right stick we can position the player and with the left stick find the exact hit point of the ball. We can look for a more direct launch in the beating or with the interior to give effect and / or placement.
Choose the right player
For this we must look for players with high score in power, precision and / or effect, according to the shot that we want to do. If you want to make a powerful shot without much positioning look for a player with a high score in power, if you look for a shot with effect and placement selects a player with high score in precision and effect.
Shoot with effect
They are the best left in the gallery. For this it looks for players with high score in effect and precision and with the left stick it looks for the appropriate hit by this way punctuating to the soccer player. This type of shot serves to overcome the barrier. You have to fill the trigger power with the right button of shot and give it effect with the left stick.
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