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What Do We Know About FUT 18?

time 05/08/2017

Although we still have about six months to go to market the new version of the popular saga of EA Sports, we have been collecting all the data we get from FUT 18 and today we collect some of it to calm your appetite of FUT 18 news, so that you can know what to expect of this year´s FUT installment.
So far we know that:
Undoubtedly, it returns the mode of 'The Way', carried out by Alex Hunter and, presumably, by new characters. The idea of the creators is to add a little more depth and make their decisions have even more influence on their destiny as a player.
On the other hand, we will see even more graphic improvements for the owners of the new PS4 Pro and PC players. Frostbite's new power-boosting engine will include improvements to resolutions higher than 1080p, which will benefit players from the two platforms mentioned above.
A new addition may be the inclusion of a VR mode, for those having a compatible system. The investment of both Sony and EA in this platform is considerable and we would not be surprised to see a first version in FUT, either from the point of view of the public or a player in the field, in the first person. As always, we wait with I hope the new version of FUT will be available by the end of September.
So, what do you think? Do you think new features will be added? Will there be improvements to the gameplay? Will the free throws and FUT 18 Coins trading change? These are the main concerns we have about FUT 18. Apparently we will have to wait until E3 (in June) to know a little more about this expected game.

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