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Game Modes We Might See In NBA 2K18

time 06/18/2017

NBA 2K18 was announced just weeks ago. There are a couple of things that we already know about the game but there are plenty of other details that haven't been revealed so far. NBA 2K18 will feature Kyrie Irving as the cover star for the standard game edition while legend and legend gold versions will have Shaquille O'Neal as the cover athlete. The official modes list was not announced yet but, based on the pre-order details, we already know that MyTeam mode will be part of the NBA 2K18 gameplay. 
MyTeam card packs are among the pre-order bonuses so it's safe to say that the popular game mode will be available for at least one more year. Players who get the standard edition get 10 MyTeam packs. Those who buy the legend edition are given 20 packs. The most packs, 40, come with the legend gold edition of the game. 
Just like its predecessor, NBA 2K18 will have single player and multiplayer modes. MyCareer, the single player mode of NBA 2K17, was well received so we will probably see another similar solo mode in NBA 2K18. This single player journey was carefully crafted to mimic the rise of a young NBA player. Famous actors lent their faces to NPCs that could also become playable characters based on players decisions. MyCareer mode is available only for PC and current generation consoles so, if implemented in the new game,  players will need one of the above to enjoy it. NBA 2K18 will also be available on Nintendo Switch. One of the modes that will probably be retired is The Association. This mode is available in NBA 2K17 only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 
Another popular mode is MyGym. If MyCareer puts users in the shoes of a basketball player, MyGym allows them to experience NBA from the perspective of a manager. This mode is also a players favorite as it can be pretty challenging to be in charge of everything. It's most likely that NBA 2K18 will have a MyGym mode.   
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