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Madden NFL 18 Review (Part 3 )

time 10/05/2017

In the sound section comment that the game is also at a very high level. The atmosphere in the stadiums is spectacular and this coupled with some great comments, which seem to be taken from a real game, makes this one that we immerse ourselves squarely in the games.
The soundtrack has a strong hip hop component, which fits perfectly with the tone offered by the game but can be done a bit repetitive in case you do not like this musical genre too much.
EA Tiburon offers this year a very solid delivery, with many improvements that make us find in Madden 18 the best delivery of the last years. Important news such as the inclusion of the Frostbite engine or the addition of Longshot added to the classic modes of the saga make this title a must for fans of American football, but do not forget the novice players who are much facilitated by entry into this world. Although not everything is positive and there are always aspects to be polished as are the small drops of framerate that accuses the title or the excessive loading times we have between menus. And that arrives in complete English, which can throw back to some players who do not dominate the language well. Despite these details, we can only recommend a title that, in our opinion is an essential in our catalog of sports games.
- The Frostbite makes it look great
- Longshot feels like a glove to the saga
- Very accessible for new players
- Very interesting additions to
- Faithfully recreates the spectacle generated by American football
- Excessive loading times
- Small cuts of framerate in the animations between the plays
- English language only
Now, it's time to talk a little bit about Madden 18 gameplay tilps, but we'll leave that for the next article. Welcome to visit u7buy for cheap MUT 18 coins and Madden NFL 18 Points. See you next time!

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