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NBA Live Mobile - How to Join a League

time 11/12/2017

Leagues are associations of NBA Live Mobile players. A league can have 32 members. Players gain access to a new mode when they join one. League versus league mode allows league members to play games against players from other leagues. League achievements and sets are available. 
Players that decide to join a league must tap the “League” button from the main NBA Live Mobile menu. This screen has a couple of elements. The search function allows players to find specific leagues. Sort by function gives players the chance to see leagues displayed by certain criteria such as the number of fans, average fans, average level, and average OVR. If none of the two functions are used, search and sort by, the default display option will show all leagues. Players can browse them by swiping. Each league is displayed as a card that shows its logo followed by some details. Under the logo, the league's name is displayed. Next to the “Total Fans” text, players will see the total number of fans obtained by the members of that league. Average OVR and level are also displayed. Players can tap the button found on the right upper corner of the league's card for a few more options. The total number of occupied league spots is displayed. It's important to choose a league with as many members as possible but also with active members. Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing how many players are active before joining the league. Players will also see a “Report” button. This is for reporting a league. The “View” button allows players to see the league's roster, league rank, and record. 
Players can tap on members' name to see their OVR for each lineup, rank, and how long they have been active. It's also possible to scout a player to see the cards in their lineup. If players find a league they would like to join, they will use the “Apply” button that will send a message to the commissioner of the selected league. The commissioner will approve or deny the application. Now, you can pick up a League to join in. And welcome to u7buy to buy NBA Live Mobile Coins, which is the best reliable site online. 

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