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NBA Live Mobile - What You Need to Know About Reputation

time 12/04/2017

NBA Live Mobile players that have already started playing in Season 2 might have noticed a feature called reputation. This is a currency that debuted in Season 2. Players can see how much reputation they have by checking the reputation icon on the main game interface. This is found in the top section of the screen between coins and NBA cash. The icon for reputation is similar to a brown basketball. 
Playing games in head to head mode is the way to obtain reputation. This is a competitive mode where two players take part in an asynchronous turn-based match. It doesn't matter if players win the game or not, they get reputation either way. As one can imagine, winning games rewards more reputation than losing. This is the main way to get reputation but players can also get it from events. These events are time limited and not available at all times so players shouldn't rely on them for reputation. Winning matches in head to head games is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain it. Getting reputation is pretty easy and there aren't that many things to spend it on so most players will have more than enough. 
Reputation is used to acquire packs from the store. Here are some packs that can be obtained with reputation. The Beginner pack has two bronze and one silver or better player cards. To acquire this pack, players will need to spend 3,500 NBA Live Mobile coins and 3,500 reputation. A better but more expensive pack is the Fall pack. This pack contains two gold players, four Festival tokens, and two Fall Festival training tokens. This pack costs 300 NBA cash and 30,000 reputation. Not all packs cost reputation so players don't need to worry about not being able to get packs anymore without it. Reputation offers an alternative way for new players to get cards that can be used to improve their teams. 

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